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Transparency Report

Last updated: 2 August 2018

Requests for access to user data: As of 2 August, 2018, Peerio has received:

  • 0 requests to access user data
  • 0 requests have been granted
  • 0 requests were denied
  • 0 requests have been legally binding
  • 0 requests to insert backdoors or malicious code into our software or hardware

To be counted, a "request" must come from an official channel of a domestic or foreign law enforcement agency or government entity. Peerio does not count or respond to any individuals' personal requests to access user data. All requests for user data must be made in accordance with Peerio's Law Enforcement Guidelines.

To be legally binding, a request must be legally enforceable in Canada. Therefore, any demand for user information by a non-Canadian law enforcement agency must be made through appropriate means, such as via mutual legal assistance treaties or via letters rogatory. If we are aware that a particular user is a resident of a jurisdiction other than Canada, we may also require evidence that responding to the demand does not violate the privacy or data protection laws of the user’s jurisdiction of residence.

Peerio cannot decrypt the contents of user communications, and can only be mandated to provide data Peerio possesses, including encrypted data and limited metadata as outlined in our Privacy Policy and Law Enforcement Guidelines.

Transparency Report updates will be published here. Peerio intends to update the Transparency Report approximately once every three (3) months. Publishing in GitHub is intended to preserve a record of past reports and modifications for public viewing.