@CjHare CjHare released this Nov 19, 2018 · 93 commits to master since this release

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  • Removed import-blockchain command because nothing exports to the required format yet (PR #223)

Bug Fixes

  • io.netty.util.internal.OutOfDirectMemoryError errors by removing reference counting from network messages.
  • Log spam: endless loop in nioEventLoopGroup (#248 thanks to @5chdn for reporting) (PR #261)
  • Rinkeby import can stall with too many fragments (#228 thanks to @steffenkux and @5chdn for reporting) (PR #255)
  • Clique incorrectly used the chain ID instead of the network ID in ETH status messages (PR #209)
  • Gradle deprecation warnings (PR #246 with thanks to @jvirtanen)
  • Consensus issue on Ropsten:
    • Treat output length as a maximum length for CALL operations (PR #236)
    • ECRec precompile should return empty instead of 32 zero bytes when the input is invalid (PR #227)
  • File name too long error while building from source (#215 thanks to @5chdn for reporting) (PR #221)
  • Loop syntax in runPantheonPrivateNetwork.sh (PR #237 thanks to @matt9ucci)

Additions and Improvements

Technical Improvements

  • Upgraded Ethereum reference tests to 6.0 beta 2. (thanks to @jvirtanen for the initial upgrade to beta 1)
  • Set Java compiler default encoding to UTF-8 (PR #238 thanks to @matt9ucci)
  • Removed duplicate code defining default JSON-RPC APIs (PR #218 thanks to @matt9ucci)
  • Improved code for parsing config (PRs #208, #209)
  • Use java.time.Clock in favour of a custom Clock interface (PR #220)
  • Improve modularity of storage systems (PR #211, #207)
  • Treat JavaDoc warnings as errors (PR #171)
  • Add benchmark for BlockHashOperation as a template for benchmarking other EVM operations (PR #203)
  • Added unit tests for EthBlockNumber (#189) (PR #195 thanks to @jvirtanen)
  • Code style improvements (PR #196 thanks to @jvirtanen)
  • Added unit tests for Web3ClientVersion (#191) (PR #194 with thanks to @jvirtanen)
  • Removed RLPUtils from RawBlockIterator (PR #179)
  • Replace the JNI based snappy library with a pure-Java version (PR #257)