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@shemnon shemnon released this Jan 31, 2019 · 723 commits to master since this release


This release is built and compatible with JDK8.


Breaking Changes to Command Line

Breaking changes have been made to the command line options in v0.9 to improve usability. Many v0.8 command line options no longer work.

The documentation has been updated throughout to use the changed command line options and the command line reference documents the changed options.

Previous Option New Option Change
--config --config-file Renamed
--datadir --data-path Renamed
--dev-mode --network=dev Replaced by --network option
--genesis --genesis-file Renamed
--goerli --network=goerli Replaced by --network option
--metrics-listen=<HOST:PORT> --metrics-host=<HOST> and --metrics-port=<PORT> Split into host and port options
--miner-extraData --miner-extra-data Renamed
--miner-minTransactionGasPriceWei --min-gas-price Renamed
--no-discovery --discovery-enabled Replaced
--node-private-key --node-private-key-file Renamed
--ottoman N/A Removed
--p2p-listen=<HOST:PORT> --p2p-host=<HOST> and --p2p-port=<PORT> Split into host and port options
--rinkeby --network=rinkeby Replaced by --network option
--ropsten --network=ropsten Replaced by --network option
--rpc-enabled --rpc-http-enabled Renamed
--rpc-listen=<HOST:PORT> --rpc-http-host=<HOST> and --rpc-http-port=<PORT> Split into host and port options
--rpc-api --rpc-http-api Renamed
--rpc-cors-origins --rpc-http-cors-origins Renamed
--ws-enabled --rpc-ws-enabled Renamed
--ws-api --rpc-ws-api Renamed
--ws-listen=<HOST:PORT> --rpc-ws-host=<HOST> and --rpc-ws-port=<PORT> Split into host and port options
--ws-refresh-delay --rpc-ws-refresh-delay Renamed
Previous Subcommand New Subcommand Change
pantheon import <block-file> pantheon blocks import --from=<block-file> Renamed
pantheon export-pub-key <key-file> pantheon public-key export --to=<key-file> Renamed

Private Network Quickstart

The Private Network Quickstart has been moved from the pantheon repository to the pantheon-quickstart
repository. The Private Network Quickstart tutorial
has been updated to use the moved quickstart.

Additions and Improvements

Technical Improvements

  • Download receipts during fast sync and import without processing transactions #701
  • Removed CLI options for --nodes-whitelist and --accounts-whitelist #694
  • Delegate getRootCause through to Guava's implementation #692
  • Benchmark update #691
  • Implement chain download for fast sync #690
  • Allow missing accounts to create zero-cost transactions #685
  • Node private key location should be fixed under docker #684
  • Parallel Processing File Import Performance #683
  • Integrate actual WorldStateDownloader with the fast sync work flow #682
  • Removed --max-trailing-peers option #680
  • Enabled warning on CLI dependent options #679
  • Update WorldStateDownloader run() interface to accept header #677
  • Fixed Difficulty calculator #663
  • discovery-enabled option refactoring #661
  • Update orion default port approach #660
  • Extract out generic parts of Downloader #659
  • Start world downloader #658
  • Create a simple WorldStateDownloader #657
  • Added handling for when p2p is disabled #655
  • Enabled command line configuration for privacy precompiled contract address #653 (thanks to Puneetha17)
  • IBFT transmitted packets are logged by gossiper #652
  • admin_addPeer acceptance test #651
  • Added p2pEnabled configuration to ProcessPantheonNodeRunner #649
  • Added description to automatic benchmarks #646
  • Added network option #645
  • Remove OrionConfiguration #644 (thanks to Puneetha17)
  • IBFT Json Acceptance tests #634
  • Upgraded build image to one that contains libsodium #632
  • Command line fixes #630
  • Consider peer count insufficient until minimum peers for fast sync are connected #629
  • Build tweaks #628
  • IBFT ensure non-validator does not partake in consensus #627
  • Added ability in acceptance tests to set up a node with --no-discovery #624
  • Gossip integration test #623
  • Removed quickstart code and CI pipeline #616
  • IBFT Integration Tests - Spurious Behaviour #615
  • Refactoring for more readable IBFT IT #614
  • Start of fast sync downloader #613
  • Split IbftProcessor into looping and event processing #612
  • IBFT Int Test - changed TestContextFactory to a builder #611
  • Discard prior round change msgs #610
  • IbftGetValidatorsByBlockHash added to json factory #607
  • IBFT Validator RPCs to return list of strings #606
  • Update Benchmark #605
  • Remove db package and move classes to more appropriate locations #599
  • Added GetReceiptsFromPeerTask #598
  • Added GetNodeDataFromPeerTask #597
  • Fixed deprecation warnings #596
  • IBFT Integration Tests - Future Height #591
  • Added getNodeData to EthPeer to enable requesting node data #589
  • Blockcreator to use parentblock specified at constuction #588
  • Support responding to GetNodeData requests #587
  • IBFT validates block on proposal reception #583
  • Rework NewRoundValidator tests #582
  • IBFT split extra data validation rule into components #581
  • Allow attached rules to be flagged light #580
  • Split Block Validation from Importing #579
  • Refactor RoundChangeManager creation #578
  • Add -SNAPSHOT postfix to version #577
  • IBFT - prevent proposed block being imported twice #576
  • Version upgrades #571
  • Tests that CLI options are disabled under docker #566
  • Renamed IBFT networking classes #555
  • Removed dead code from the consensus package #554
  • Prepared private transaction support #538 (thanks to iikirilov)
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