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[ "-", "puts foe to sleep",
"hit and poison chance",
"hit and absorb 50%",
"hit and burn chance",
"hit and freeze chance",
"hit and paralyze chance",
"user faints after hit",
"if opponent is sleeping, hit and absorb 50%",
"copies opponents last move",
"raises attack",
"raises defense",
"unused - 12",
"raises special attack",
"unused - 14",
"unused - 15",
"raises evasiveness",
"never misses (set accuracy to 0)",
"lowers opponents attack",
"lowers opponents defense",
"lowers opponents speed",
"unused - 21",
"unused - 22",
"lowers opponents accuracy",
"lowers opponents evasiveness",
"eliminates stat changes",
"returns double damage taken in 2 turns of charging",
"2-3 turn rampage then user becomes confused",
"switch opponent out",
"2-5 hits",
"users type changes to match one of users moves type",
"hit and flinch chance",
"restores 50% hp",
"badly poisons foe",
"double prize money",
"sets up light screen",
"hit and chance to burn,freeze or paralyze",
"user sleeps and fully recovers hp",
"1 hit K.O.",
"2 turn plus high crit",
"halves targets remaining hp",
"always 40 damage exactly",
"hit and traps foe",
"high crit ratio",
"2 hits",
"damages user if misses",
"prevents allies from stat drops by opponents",
"raises crit ratio",
"hit with 25% recoil",
"confuses opponent",
"sharply boost attack",
"sharply boosts defense",
"sharply boosts speed",
"sharply boosts special attack",
"sharply boosts special defense",
"unused - 55",
"unused - 56",
"transforms into opponent",
"harshly lowers foes attack",
"harshly lowers foes defense",
"harshly lowers foes speed",
"unused - 61",
"harshly lowers foes special defense",
"unused - 63",
"unused - 64",
"sets up reflect",
"poisons foe",
"paralyzes foe",
"hit and attack lowering chance",
"hit and defense lowering chance",
"hit and speed lowering chance",
"hit and special attack lowering chance",
"hit and special defense lowering chance",
"hit and accuracy lowering chance",
"unused - 74",
"2 turn and flinch chance",
"hit and confusion chance",
"2 hits and poison chance",
"never misses but low priority",
"creates a substitute",
"next turn recharge",
"builds rage",
"learns opponents last move for the duration of the battle",
"performs a random move",
"leech seed",
"nothing...nothing at all",
"disables opponents last move",
"damage equal to users level",
"deals typless damage between 0.5 and 1.5 x users level",
"target must repeat last move for a few turns",
"averages hp with target",
"only hits if user is asleep",
"changes users type to a type that resists last move that hit user",
"next move has 100% accuracy",
"learns opponents last move permanently",
"unused - 96",
"if user is asleep randomly uses one of users other moves",
"causes a foe that K.O.s the user before the users next move to also be K.O.d",
"power increase as users hp decreases",
"decreases pp of move foe last used by 2-5",
"leaves foe with at least 1hp",
"heals negative statuses of party pokemon",
"priority 1 (still need to set priority field to 1)",
"3 hits with power increasing by 10 for each",
"steals foes held item",
"traps foe",
"sleeping opponent takes recurrent damage",
"raises evasiveness and receive double damage from stomp",
"ghost types curse opponent, others raise attack and defense but drop speed",
"unused - 110",
"immune to all moves",
"spikes on opponents side of the field",
"allows user to hit ghost types with fighting and normal type moves",
"all present pokemon will faint in 3 turns",
"changes weather to sandstorm",
"survives next hit with 1 hp",
"attacks for 5 turns in a row. power doubles with each successive hit",
"sharply raises foes attack and then confuses foe",
"base power doubles with each successive hit",
"foe becomes infatuated with user",
"more damage the happier the user is",
"randomly heals or damages foe",
"more damage the more unhappy the user is",
"prevents allies from status conditions",
"hit and burn chance, thaws user from frozen",
"damage varies based on magnitude and hits underground",
"switches with a party pokemon",
"hits a switching opponent for double damage",
"removes traps from ally field",
"always 20 damage exactly",
"unused - 131",
"restores hp. more when sunny",
"restores hp. more when sunny",
"restores hp. more when sunny",
"type and power based on users IVs",
"changes weather to rain",
"changes weather to sunny",
"hit and chance to raise users defense",
"hit and chance to raise users attack",
"hit and chance to raise all stats",
"unused - 141",
"takes half users max hp then maxes out attack",
"copies targets stat changes",
"mirror coat",
"first turn raises defense, second turn attacks",
"hit and flinch chance. hits foes in the air",
"hit underground foes",
"damages target 2 turns later",
"hit opponents in air for double damage",
"hit and flinch chance",
"first turn charge except in sunlight",
"paralyzes foe, 100% accuracy in rain, hit foes in air",
"teleports from battle",
"1 hit for each party pokemon",
"2 turn move",
"raises defense and doubles power of rolling moves",
"restores 50% hp if hp is more than 20%",
"flinches target but only works turn 1",
"repeats move for 2-5 turns and no pokemon can sleep",
"stockpiles 1 raising defenses",
"damage based on stocks",
"hp restored based on stocks",
"unused - 163",
"changes weather to hail storm",
"foe cant use same move twice in a row",
"sharply raises foes special attack then confuses foe",
"burns foe",
"user faints after sharply lowering foes attack and special attack",
"power doubles if user is burned, poisoned or paralyzed",
"user flinches if hit before its turn",
"hits for double damage if foe is paralyzed then cures the paralysis",
"all foes will target the user",
"effect varies based on location",
"the users electric moves have double power on the users next turn",
"the target can only use attacking moves for a few turns",
"the ally's moves' power is boosted by 50% for the current turn",
"swaps held items with the target",
"copies the targets ability",
"restores the users hp at the end of the next turn",
"uses a random move from the users party pokemon",
"restores a little hp each turn. user cannot switch out",
"hit then lowers users attack and defense",
"reflects status moves back to the sender",
"recovers a consumed item",
"double damage if user has been hit this turn",
"hit and breaks lightscreen, barrier and reflect",
"makes foe drowsy",
"knocks off the opponents held item",
"reduces targets hp to users current hp if user has less hp",
"does more damage the more hp the user has remaining",
"swaps abilities with the target",
"prevents target from using moves known by the user",
"cures the user of burn, poison or paralysis",
"if the foe K.O.s user before users next move, the move used to K.O. loses all PP",
"steals the effect of the first status move used by a foe",
"more damage to heavier foes",
"effect varies by location (secret power)",
"hit with 33% recoil",
"confuses all targets",
"hit and burn chance and high crit ratio",
"weakens power of electric moves",
"hit and badly poison chance",
"weather changes type and doubles power",
"hit then sharply lowers users special attack",
"lowers targets attack and defense",
"raises users defense and special defense",
"hit enemies in the air",
"raises attack and defense",
"hit and poison chance and high crit ratio",
"weakens power of fire moves",
"raises special attack and special defense",
"raises attack and speed",
"changes users type based on environment",
"harshly lowers foes evasion",
"changes weather to shadow sky",
"eliminates moves like reflect",
"reduces the HP of all pokemon in battle by half. must recharge.",