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# Copyright (C) 2016 Pelagicore AB
DESCRIPTION = "Helpers for installing different multimedia types"
# To use this class, inherit it, and specify the SRC_URI to an archive with
# media files. BitBake will do_unpack the archive, and this class file will
# search through it and find media files based on file extension. No specific
# file hierarchy is required in the archive. Nested archives are not supported.
# Known media types. Add extensions to create packages for the new extensions
FILEEXTENSIONS_AUDIO = "mp3 aac m4a ac3 ogg wma au mod wav flac"
FILEEXTENSIONS_VIDEO = "avi mov mpg wmv sid swf asf dat dv scf"
# Add the corresponding variable above if adding new media types to this list.
# Removing from the list prevents packages of the given type to be built.
FILEEXTENSIONS_PACKS = "audio video image"
python () {
import fnmatch
def find_all_with_ext(dir, ext):
# Recursively find all files of a a given extension
files = []
for root, dirnames, filenames in os.walk(dir):
for filename in fnmatch.filter(filenames, '*.' + ext):
files.append(os.path.join(root, filename))
return files
def get_used_extensions():
exts = []
for pack in d.getVar("FILEEXTENSIONS_PACKS", True).split(" "):
pack = d.expand("${FILEEXTENSIONS_"+pack.upper()+"}").split()
# Remove extension with no files present
used_exts = []
for ext in exts:
files = bb.utils.find_all_with_ext(d.expand("${WORKDIR}"), ext)
if files:
return used_exts
# "monkeypatch export" the find_all_with_ext and get_used_extensions
# functions via bb.utils
bb.utils.find_all_with_ext = find_all_with_ext
bb.utils.get_used_extensions = get_used_extensions
python do_install_media() {
def install(file, dest, mode):
os.system(d.expand("install -m %d '%s' '%s'" % (mode, f, dest)))
extensions = bb.utils.get_used_extensions()
for ext in extensions:
files = bb.utils.find_all_with_ext(d.expand("${WORKDIR}"), ext)
destdir = d.expand("${D}${datadir}/${PN}/%s/" % ext)
for f in files:
install(f, destdir, 644)
python populate_packages_prepend () {
# List extensions with files present
def populated_exts_in_pack(pack):
exts = []
orig = d.getVar("FILEEXTENSIONS_%s" % pack.upper(), True).split(" ")
existing = bb.utils.get_used_extensions()
for o in orig:
if o in existing:
return exts
# Check if a 'pack' (audio, video, picture, etc) is empty
def pack_empty(pack):
return populated_exts_in_pack (pack) == []
# Generate pack name and set RDEPENDS to extensions in pack
def create_pack_with_rdepends(pack):
pname = d.expand("${PN}-%s" % pack)
rdeps = []
exts = populated_exts_in_pack(pack)
for ext in exts:
rdeps.append(d.expand("${PN}-%s" % ext))
d.setVar(d.expand("RDEPENDS_%s" % pname), " ".join(rdeps))
d.setVar(d.expand("ALLOW_EMPTY_%s" % pname), "1")
return pname
# Create packages for all different populated extensions
newpackages = []
ftypes = bb.utils.get_used_extensions()
for ftype in ftypes:
newpackages.append(d.expand('${PN}-' + ftype))
d.setVar(d.expand('FILES_${PN}-' + ftype),
d.expand('${datadir}/${PN}/' + ftype))
# Create virtual packages for extension packs (audio, video, etc)
extensionpacks = d.getVar("FILEEXTENSIONS_PACKS", True).split(" ")
for pack in extensionpacks:
if not pack_empty(pack):
d.setVar('PACKAGES', " ".join(newpackages))
addtask do_install_media after do_install before do_package
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