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Software Development Environment for the PELUX distro.

Maintained at

License: MPLv2.0



For building the SDK installer, fetch the PELUX sources as describe in Prerequisites for building a PELUX image.

After building SDK installer, copy the SDK installer into PELUX-SDE repository's root directory and run,

SDK_FILE_NAME=<SDK installer> vagrant up

Used environment variables:

Following is a list of environment variables used by vagrant when provisioning the SDE.

  • SDK_FILE_NAME: Name of the self-exctracting SDK package to install into the SDE. Can include wildcards. Defaults to oecore*toolchain*sh. Note that this has to be an SDK with Qt on it.
  • NO_GUI: Will create a headless SDE when set.



  • pytest-3

Note: In order to do clean tests, this script will tear down and destroy the VM if it is already created


Developing features

Since the SDK takes a long time to download and a long time to extract the tests use a stubbed version of the SDK. The stubbed version sets mock values for everything that is needed during the setup but nothing is actually installed. For instance is cmake setup by the stubbed SDK as a symlink to /bin/true.

Keep in mind that the stubbed SDK is intended to be minimal. Meaning it will not set all environment variables and provide fake installations of all tools installed by a real SDK. Therefore when developing new features for the SDE, it is likely necessary to extend the stubbed SDK with more environment variables or stubbed instances of tools.