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Chia Log Analysis

Build Total alerts Language grade: C/C++

Parses through Chia plotter log files and plops all the juicy details into a CSV file!


See below for instructions if you prefer to build the application yourself. Otherwise feel free to simply download the binaries from the latest release.

Build Prerequisites

  • CMake
  • C++ compiler (with support for C++17)

Build Instructions

git clone

cd chia-log-analysis

cmake -E make_directory ./build

cmake -S src -B build

cmake --build build --config Release


Navigate to the location of the built or downloaded binary and run one of the following options.

Guided prompts:


Command-line arguments:

./chia-log-analysis -i <logfile directory> -o <output filename>

where <logfile directory> is the path to your chia plotter logs and <output filename> is the path to the .csv file you want to save (file extension should be specified by the user).

Note for Windows

If the application does not run you may need to install the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2019.


What info does it parse?

For each file it parses as much as it can find of the following (I imagine I'm not the only one who's had a plot interrupted):

  • Log filename
  • Temp dir 1
  • Temp dir 2
  • Plot ID
  • Plot size
  • Buffer size
  • Buckets
  • Threads
  • Stripe size
  • Start date
  • Phase 1 duration
  • Phase 1 CPU %
  • Phase 2 duration
  • Phase 2 CPU %
  • Phase 3 duration
  • Phase 3 CPU %
  • Phase 4 duration
  • Phase 4 CPU %
  • Total time (sec)
  • Total time
  • Total CPU %
  • Copy time
  • Plot filename

Why does this exist?

I started doing some chia plotting and wanted to compare the performance of different settings used during plotting. I imagine there are other tools out there that do the same thing as this one, but it gave me an excuse to do some more C++ learning outside my typical ecosystem. If you find any bugs or want to see a feature added please feel free to open a new Issue.


Parses existing Chia plotter log files and builds a .csv file containing all the important details