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PennController is a library extension for IBEX. It introduces a flexible and user-friendly syntax to design dynamic (e.g., scripted/timed events) and interactive (e.g., pictures, audio, videos, ...) trials.



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PennController is a library for Ibex distributed under a BSD License 2.0.

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  • src contains the source code
  • dev contains a test Ibex project
  • dist contains the latest development compilation
  • releases contains the publicly available releases of PennController

Code structure (/src)

Compilation of components

The files index_core.js and index_full.js orderly list the different components that are compiled.

The file index_core.js includes no file from the /elements subfolder, whereas index_full.js includes most of them

Non-element components

These files are executed in this order in both index_core.js and index_full.js:

  • utils.js: bunch of utility functions

  • engine.js: defines the Resource class and the PennEngine object,

  • debug.js: defines the debug popup and methods to interact with it

  • controller.js: defines the Controller class (newTrial returns), the PennController object with its global methods, and calls define_ibex_controller to define the extend native-Ibex's list of controllers with the PennController type

  • elements.js: defines the PennElement and PennElementCommand classes. Adds the _AddElementType and _AddStandardCommands methods to the PennController object. Also defines the sepcial commands (end, clear, fullscreen) and the newElement and getElement commands

  • zip.js: implements PennController.PreloadZip

  • tables.js: defines PennController.Template and detects and parses CSV files present in chunk_includes

  • resetprefix.js: defines PennController.ResetPrefix

  • items.js: adds a callback function through PennEngine.Prerun to convert PennController elements into native-Ibex items

Definition of a PennController element

PennController._AddElementType( string name , function constructor )

PennController elements are created using the global command PennController._AddElementType. All the script files in src/elements use it. Once called, that function creates the corresponding newElement and getElement methods, along with the list of associated element commands.

_AddElementType take two arguments. The first argument is a string representing the element type's name, which will stand in place of Element in the newElement and getElement methods created. The second argument is a constructor one-argument function, described below.

Constructor function

function (PennEngine) {
  this.immediate = function(id, ...){
    // called when newElement is executed, before any trial runs
  this.uponCreation = function(resolve){
      // called upon runtime, when the element is initiated for the trial
  this.value = function(){
      return // value
  this.end = function(){
      // called at the end of the trial
  this.actions = {
      action1: function(resolve, ...){
        // ...
      action2: function(resolve, ...){
        // ...
  this.test = {
      test1: function(...){
        // ...
        return true||false;
      test2: function(...){
        // ...
        return true||false;

The PennEngine argument will be instantiated with the object defined in engine.js, exposing several helpful objects, such as:

  • PennEngine.controllers, with its underConstruction and running attributes respectively pointing to the trial being created (use it in this.immediate) and to the trial being run (use it everywhere else)
  • PennEngine.debug and its log and error methods to send message to the Debug popin
  • PennEngine.resources used for the Image and Youtube elements for example
  • that exposes a keypress callback scoping over the current trial only
  • PennEngine.Prerun which calls back functions just before the native-Ibex items variable is parsed/instantiated
  • PennEngine.utils which exposes most function defined in src/utils.js

Immediately inside the constructor function, this refers to the type of PennElement, which expects a definition of 6 methods as illustrated above: immediate, uponCreation, value, end, actions and test (older versions of PennController would also define settings, which is now deprecated). Inside those methods, this refers to the specific element created with newElement. The section below describes that object.

Element object

This describes elements of the class PennElement, defined in src/elements.js, which you can access as this in the 6 methods listed in the last paragraph of the preceding section.

this = {
  id: "string",
  type: "string",
  jQueryContainer: $(),
  jQueryElement: $(),
  jQueryBefore: $(),
  jQueryAfter: $()

When the standard command print is run (defined in src/elements.js) it will add this to the page:



PennController is a library extension for IBEX. It introduces a flexible and user-friendly syntax to design dynamic (e.g., scripted/timed events) and interactive (e.g., pictures, audio, videos, ...) trials.



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