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Situation and Language Understanding Robot Platform
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Situation Language Understanding Robot Platform

SLURP is a system for converting natural language commands into controls for a robot.

SLURP consists of a number of modules:

  • Penn Pipeline: The UPenn natural language processing pipeline
  • Semantics: Natural language understanding tools
  • JR: Interface to the UMass Lowell Robotics Lab ATRV Jr. platform
  • LTLBroom: Interface to the Cornell Autonomous Systems Lab LTLMoP platform

SLURP has been tested on OS X, Linux, and Windows.

Getting started

Downloading the code:

  • If you use git, clone the repository URL above, i.e., git clone
  • If you cannot use git, click "Downloads" above and download a .zip/.tar.gz.


  • Java JRE 1.6 or 1.7
  • Python 2.7 (not 3.x)
  • Python numpy and Polygon2 (may be required because of LTLMoP)


  • You need to download the Penn Pipeline by running python If you can't run that script on a machine with internet access, download and unzip it in the root of the repository. You then need to decompress the parser model located at SUBTLEPipeline-master/models/wsjall.obj.gz to wsjall.obj in the same folder.
  • You will need to configure all the dependencies so that the executable are on your PATH (i.e., java, python).

Testing the pipeline

To confirm that the pipeline is working, try the following:

  • In one terminal, run python
  • In another terminal, run python and enter any sentence you want and hit enter.

An example from a working system:

Terminal 1:

$ python
pipelinehost: Waiting for connection...
pipelinehost: Connected to ('', 51188)
Message: {u'text': u'This is a test.'}
Sending: '(S  (NP-SBJ-A (DT This)) (VP (VBZ is) (NP-PRD-A (DT a) (NN test)))(. .))'

Terminal 2:

$ python
> This is a test.
Sending: '{"text": "This is a test."}\n'
Waiting for response...
(S  (NP-SBJ-A (DT This)) (VP (VBZ is) (NP-PRD-A (DT a) (NN test)))(. .))

Running In Conjunction with LTLMoP

Clone the LTLMoP repository recursively with: git clone --recursive git://

Checkout the LTLMoP gumbo branch via: git checkout gumbo

Compile the java code in LTLMoP/src/etc/jtlv via: sh

Checkout the frames (trouble checking out pragbot branch from LTLMoP) branch of SLURP via:

  • cd LTLMoP/src/etc/SLURP
  • git fetch origin frames
  • git checkout frames


  • LTLMoP/src/etc/SLURP/
  • LTLMoP/src/etc/SLURP/
  • Compile Pragbot code (see Pragbot repo)
  • Pragbot/
  • Pragbot/*
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