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Fingerd Behavior

RFC742 lays out:

  • TCP on port 79
  • CRLF line termination
  • Single request "line"
  • Server sends data and closes connection as soon as done
  • Empty command-line gives a default response ("who is on, etc")
  • Some switches showing the relationship between finger and original whois

FreeBSD fingerd supports but we reject:

  • Running external programs
  • Various bits of system accounting information (last login, mail status, etc)
  • Home directory, shell, office phone number, etc.
  • Messaging status (via tty writeability, what a blast from the past; talk users might want this added back but it requires utmp parsing to determine where logged in, which is a lot of system-specific non-portable binary parsing, so we decline).
  • Forwarding connections to other hosts
    • Comes because by default it just invokes the local finger daemon
  • Showing where email is forwarded to if ~/.forward is present
  • Dropping a leading * from the GECOS field (but the source asks "why?")
  • Showing various extra pieces of information from GECOS assigning meanings to the comma-separated fields

FreeBSD fingerd supports and we preserve:

  • Aliases in /etc/finger.conf of form aliasname:loginname one-per-line
  • Splitting the line " \t\r\n" and fingering each in turn (RFC suggests as comma-separated); a blank line separates the output of each
  • /W turning on -l mode for subsequent usernames
  • GECOS:
    • Not yet supported: we only lookup by usercode and the alias-map, not by full-name, and we don't reveal the full-name, so we don't yet need GECOS support. But if we were to add it ...
    • Split on ,; we only take the first field, but we accept that it is a field
    • A & is replaced by the usercode
  • ~/.nofinger
  • These files, and captions, in order:
    1. ~/.project "Project:"
    2. ~/.plan "Plan:" else "No Plan."
    3. ~/.pubkey "Public key:"
  • If file contents short enough and no intermediate newlines, put on the same line of output as the caption, with a space inbetween.
    • Short enough: 80 - caption_length - 5; but caption without :, so : and \r\n are 4 characters, so constraining to 79 total.

What we do:

  1. Empty command-line says "Finger service is available for some users."
  2. 8-bit clean and generally assume UTF-8; if the client can't handle that, it's their problem.
  3. Absence of the project/plan/pubkey files is equivalent to presence of the ~/.nofinger file
  4. By default, only users in /home are allowed, thus automatically rejecting "system" users. If passwd-usage is to be enabled, then the required command-line option is the one which sets a lower-bound on the uid to be used (and 0 means "passwd off", so root can not be fingered).
  5. Any invalid user, including nofinger users, should be reported as: finger: fred: no such user or thereabouts
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