metrics exporting compatible with a popular 12-factor app hosting PaaS
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This is Heroku's Go-specific language metrics, as a standalone package.

Heroku's support is inside an organization-internal base dumping-ground repo, which pulls in quite a few dependencies and is not a stable interface.

This package reproduces the core functionality of in a more usable API and without all the other dependencies.

This package uses semantic versioning.

We do not support the silent on-init enabling method of hmetrics: all production code which might error should log what it's doing and we are designed to integrate with production logging.

This library does not panic, by policy, even when it probably should. If the Spawn() function returns a non-nil error then that's probably panic-worthy.


import (


func main() {
    // This depends upon your logging library, etc.
    msg, cancel, err := hmetrics.Spawn(func(e error) {
        log.Printf("hmetrics error: %s", e)
    if err != nil {
        // if environment variable not found or empty, that's not an error,
        // this is something which means we expected to log but never will
        // be able to.
    if cancel != nil {
        defer cancel()
    log.Print(msg) // for warm fuzzy feelings that stuff has started correctly

    // do your work


Probably plenty, starting with a complete lack of tests as this was written in frustration during one night of coding.

Yes, the absence of any tests is a bug.

Pull requests very welcome, as well as bug reports (unless it's just to say "there are no tests!").

At the time I write this notice, I haven't even tried using this code yet. It's very shiny new. It passes go build, go vet ./... and golint ./... and that's it.