A suite of tools for the pdmtgo community
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decksite Note about "non-games" in /league/. Feb 19, 2019
discordbot Achievements now come with Capitalization and 100% less underscores! Feb 19, 2019
github_tools Better handling of unexpected requirements.txt Sep 13, 2018
images exclude commander and unclassified decks from /admin/rules Feb 4, 2019
logsite typing Jan 1, 2019
logsite_migrations A whole lot of very little Apr 27, 2018
magic Expose a list of Achievements in the API. Feb 19, 2019
maintenance Lint. Feb 18, 2019
modo_bugs Strip notice on downtime length. Fixes #6077 Feb 17, 2019
price_grabber Drop the (a) and (b) from mtgotrader's guildgates. Jan 21, 2019
pylint_monolith Sort Imports Feb 19, 2019
rotation_script Discard planes Jan 25, 2019
shared Make gatherling scraper slightly more resilient to timeouts? Feb 19, 2019
shared_web S11 PDM Banner Feb 18, 2019
.editorconfig No more BOMs Nov 1, 2018
.eslintrc.js More javascript linting. Apr 24, 2018
.gitattributes Make the README look nicer. Nov 22, 2016
.gitignore Adjust pytest stuff, which should make it easier to interpret what's … Feb 8, 2019
.prout.json Expose commit-id somewhere simpler. Jun 6, 2018
.pylintrc linting Jul 23, 2018
.travis.yml Add pylint to travis run. May 26, 2018
Jenkinsfile Allow jenkins to reset its databases with ease. Jul 30, 2018
LICENSE.md Create LICENSE.md Aug 7, 2016
Makefile Revert Makefile changes until #5748 is fixed. Nov 19, 2018
README.md Bump to push PR through. Jan 19, 2019
SETUP Update SETUP instructions for devs. Oct 31, 2018
babel.cfg Scripts to automatically update translations to/from the POEditor site. Feb 6, 2018
bootstrap.sh Update bootstrap.sh Dec 19, 2017
bors.toml Cleanup Jun 2, 2018
bug_hooks.wsgi Reprocess issues when they're updated. Aug 24, 2018
card_aliases.tsv Partial implementation of Sami's patreon request. Feb 17, 2019
config.json.example Remove a number of optional or default-value entries from config.json… Apr 26, 2018
decksite.wsgi Cleanup Feb 4, 2019
dev.py Typing~ Nov 11, 2018
ding.ogg Use .ogg to make the server happy. Oct 17, 2016
generate_readme.py Cleanup the order of command.py Jan 1, 2019
gh.wsgi Automerge is ready. Jun 5, 2018
logsite.wsgi Not every flask app is `decksite` Jun 7, 2018
mtg_icon.png Guts of the program Aug 1, 2016
prices.wsgi Add wsgi config files Jul 3, 2017
pytest.ini Adjust pytest stuff, which should make it easier to interpret what's … Feb 8, 2019
requirements.txt Update requirements Feb 19, 2019
run.py CLI tasks should report their errors correctly Feb 19, 2019


Penny Dreadful Tools

Repository for the tools used by the Penny Dreadful Community.

View individual subdirectories for details

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discordbot is the Discord chatbot.

decksite is the code for pennydreadfulmagic.com.

magic knows everything about all magic cards and how to fetch that information from the internet and model it.

logsite is the code for logs.pennydreadfulmagic.com.

price_grabber builds a database of historic prices.

shared contains a bunch of general purpose helper classes. Things that could be used in any project.

shared_web contains a bunch of web-specific helper classes