The GUI version of Pennykoin wallet, contains all needed to run.
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Pennykoin is a private, secure cryptocurrency primarily forked form digital/dark/ducknote. There was no premine or ICO, all coins are emitted as mining rewards or interest. Pennykoin works like cash, nobody can track your purchases, or see what's in your wallet. But it's easier than cash, it works like an online checking account, including an option to deposit pennykoin and earn interest.

PKGui is the graphic wallet for the pennykoin currency project. It's a QT wrapper for the CLI tools. Even though options or comands to mine were removed from the wallets/daemons, some code remains. Miners will trigger a lot of antivirus(thanks monero botnets), but you are free to read the code, it's totally safe. It is mainly ported from the conceal wallet from circle foundation, but contains codes from numerous sources as well as heavy customization.

Binaries are provided for linux & windows, hopefully a mac build coming soon.

To build on ubuntu 16.04 or earlier you MUST install , the version of QT in ubuntu repos is too old for some features.