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PMC Benchmark

License: GNU GPL v2


PMC Benchmark is a benchmarking plugin for WordPress to profile slow hooks. It requires Debug Bar plugin to be installed and activated. The hook execution benchmarks are displayed in a panel in Debug Bar.

This plugin is for use in development environment only and not meant for use in a production environment.

Requirements: This plugin requires PHP 5.3. It has been tested with WordPress 3.5 and above, and might or might not work with an earlier version.

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Using this plugin is very straight forward. Make sure you have Debug Bar plugin installed and activated. Activate PMC Benchmark plugin and on any page you can click on the "Debug" menu in the admin bar on top to open Debug Bar panels. In that there will be a panel labelled PMC Benchmark and clicking that will show the hook execution benchmarks.

Frequently Asked Questions

This plugin does not show hooks run in all the plugins. What's the deal?

It is a limitation at present. The plugin will profile only those hooks which are executed after this plugin is loaded. So some plugins will be missed out but all hooks executed in the current theme will be captured. You can get around this limitation by loading this plugin via mu-plugins which are loaded before plugins. This limitation will be resolved in a future release.

Why is there so much data on some pages?

Both the summary and detailed view are shown. This is after all a debugging plugin for use in development environment, to help you improve performance of your plugin(s)/theme(s). What good that be without verbose data! ;)