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PMC Theme Unit Test v1.0 Alpha

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WordPress plugin that provides a Theme Menu Option to Unit Test data by importing just enough data from production server and creating a local or test environment.

The plugin is basically a data import tool that makes use of WordPress Public REST API and WordPress XML-RPC API to make an authenticated call to the server to fetch just the required amount of data for the theme to replicate the Production Environment.

Minimum Requirements

  • WordPress 4.0 or above
  • PHP 5.4 or above
  • Your Theme PHP code for which data import is expected through this plugin.


  1. Create an application for the site you want to pull data from using the WordPress Public REST API
  • The Redirect URL you use needs an actual domain. .local or .dev domains won't work with OAuth2. When you get redirected back to this domain, you'll need to copy the code querystring parameter value.
  • Type should be Native.
  • This would give you client_id, client_secret and redirect_uri. Add these on the form provided in your plugin admin page.
  • All these would be required for OAuth2 authentication.
  1. Create an application-specific password for your account (because you're using Two-Step Authentication).
  2. In wp-admin look for Management Menu Option : Tools => Sync from Production OR Navigate to
  3. You will see a form which you have to input domain name , credentials for the first time and will be saved in the database. The redirect_uri should be the plugin url or endpoint (if this endpoint can send the code querystring back to the plugin url)
  4. Hit Save All and you will get Import Button replcing the form.
  5. Hit Import Data from Production and wait patiently as the data gets imported in the background.
  6. Voila! Your theme is setup and you can start to unit test you theme.

Filters required in the Production site

  1. Please add a filter rest_api_allowed_post_types to whitelist the Custom Post Types that you want to import The REST API does not allow custom post types by default. Only built-in post types are allowed.
	 * Post types besides post and page need to be whitelisted using the
	 * rest_api_allowed_post_types filter in order to access them via the
	 * public REST API
	 * @see:
	 * @param array $allowed_post_types Array containing the allowed post_types
	 * @return array $allowed_post_types Array containing the allowed post_types
	add_filter( 'rest_api_allowed_post_types', function( $allowed_post_types ) {

		$whitelist_post_types_in_rest_api = array(

		foreach ( $whitelist_post_types_in_rest_api as $whitelist_post_type ) {
			if ( post_type_exists( $whitelist_post_type ) ) {
				$allowed_post_types[] = $whitelist_post_type;

		$allowed_post_types = array_unique( $allowed_post_types );

		return $allowed_post_types;

	} );
  1. Add a filter options_import_blacklist to blacklist the wp_options that you would not like to be imported to another site.

  2. Add a filter options_import_whitelist to whitelist the wp_options that you would like to be imported to another site.

  3. Add filter pmc_xmlrpc_client_credentials to fetch the credentials for XMLRPC calls.

  4. Add the below filter for automatic oAuth redirect

                         * This is the common endpoint for oauth redirect for theme unit test plugin
                         * @since 2015-10-12 Archana Mandhare PMCVIP-62
                         * For local - http://vip.local/redirectme/
                         * and if we have a local site
							add_action( 'init', function () {
								if ( false !== stripos( $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], '/redirectme' ) && ! empty( $_COOKIE['oauth_redirect'] ) ) {
									if ( ! empty( $_GET['code'] ) ) {
										$code           = sanitize_text_field( $_GET[ 'code' ] );
										$oauth_redirect = sanitize_text_field( $_COOKIE['oauth_redirect'] );
										$redirect_url   = $oauth_redirect . '&code=' . $code;
										wp_safe_redirect( $redirect_url );
							} );```


Plugin making calls to VIP Wordpress REST API and XMLRPC to get data from production for Theme Unit Test




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