3D-Coat 3b file utilities. Blender voxel import add on, raw voxel file converter, and 3b file parser.
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3D-Coat .3b file utilities.

ThreeB.py is a voxel data reading utility for 3D-Coat's .3b file.

Samples for ThreeB.py

  • pydump3b.py : A simple .3b file dumper.

  • extract3bsurface.py : A simple .3b file's surface mesh extracter.

  • rawvox2raw8vox.py : A simple tool to convert Raw Voxel data that exported from 3D-Coat to 8bit flat voxel data.

    usage: python rawvox2raw8vox.py file0 ...

Blender addons

3b file voxel importer

3DCoat3BVOL.zip is Blender addon to import voxels as volume textured objects.

How to install

  1. Select menu "File->User Preferences..." and open "Addon" tab.
  2. Press "Install Addon..." button at bottom bar.
  3. Select 3DCoat3BVOL.zip.


  1. unzip and move 3DCoat3BVOL directory to Blender's script/addon directory.

After install, enable "3D-Coat 3b file" addon at "Import-Export" category.

Import options

  • Import Scale (Number) : Common scaling value for importing objects.
  • Import Surface (Check box) : Ckeck this is you want to import surface mode's mesh.
    • Imported meshes are "RAW" mesh generated from voxels. Faces are separeted by 3D-Coat's internal voxel cells.
  • Voxel Directory (String) : Relative path from the blend file. Converted voxel datas will be exported in here.
  • Use ID number(Check box) : Impoted objects names ID number instead of volel layer name. This is a safety option for multi-byte environment user.

support commands:

  • Collect Textures : Collect textures from selected objects and add it to the active object. No menu interface. Exec "Collect Texture" from space key's menu.
  • Fit Voxel data in Bound Box : A voxel texture's offset and size fit in object's bound box. No menu interface. Exec "Fit Voxel data in Bound Box" from space key's menu.


  • 1.0
    • release
  • 1.0.1
    • Volume texture's color refers to voxel default color.
  • 2.0.0
    • Change volume texture's transform manipulation. Now using Empty to transform volume textures.
    • Remove import option "Apply Transform".
  • 2.0.1
    • Changes to set a imported surfaces's parent to volume's root empty.


ThreeB.py and sample codes are zlib License.

Blender addon codes are GPL v2.

2012 Satoru NAKAJIMA