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Bruteforce the Android Passcode given the hash and salt.
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AndroidPINCrack is a Python script that bruteforce the Android Passcode given the hash and salt. Of course there are some other faster ways to crack than a python script, but it can be useful for numeric passcoders or wordlist attack.

$ ./ Usage: [options]

Options: -h, --help show this help message and exit -H HASH, --hash=HASH password.key hash -s SALT, --salt=SALT Hash salt -m MODEL, --model=MODEL Android Version/Model -c CHARSET, --charset=CHARSET Password charset to test (default=numeric) -l LENGTH, --length=LENGTH Passcode max length (default=4) -w WORDLIST_FILE, --wordlist=WORDLIST_FILE wordlist file

By default, it bruteforces numeric 4-length passwords:

$ ./ -H DC6831BFE0B8563B82A8AAB9CB5B294BD4B3072A93AF306 -s 7026104367013576733 Found! Passcode = 0101

It seems that Samsung has modified the hashing algorithm, so you need to use the proper flag:

$ ./ -H DC59AACF2AFCE72E737190323022FFB6E2831446 -s 988796901418269782 -m samsung Found! Passcode = 1234

You can use some other flags, such as a wordlist instead of bruteforcing:

$ ./ -H DC59AACF2AFCE72E737190323022FFB6E2831446 -s 988796901418269782 -m samsung -w wordlist.txt Found! Passcode = 1234

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