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Rails Generators for Cucumber with localized steps for Capybara and Webrat

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Extracted the Rails generators from the Cucumber gem, inspired by this posting on the Cukes Mailing List.

The goal is to provide i18n of the webrat_steps.rb plus some other useful enhancements.


gem install cucumber-rails


Once you install the gem, the generators will be available to all Rails applications on your system. If you run script/generate without any additional arguments you should see the available generators listed.

To run the generator, go to your rails project directory and call it using the script/generate or script/destroy command.

script/generate cucumber

Included Generators

  • cucumber: Sets up Cucumber in your Rails project

  • feature: Generates a skeleton for a new feature

To view the README for each generator, run it with the –help option.

script/generate cucumber --help


This project has tests, but for practical and historical reasons they live in a different project:

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