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# the top-level harness block defines a test
# harness.
harness :my_load_scenario do
# target_rate defines the target rate of jobs
# enqueued per second.
target_rate 10
# queue blocks define a queue within the stress
# test
queue :email do
# job blocks define a job type to be created
# that will be enqueued to the parent queue.
# The name specified here will be camelcased
# (fast_email will become FastEmail)
job :fast_email do
# The volume of the job within the overall
# pool of jobs. The likelihood a job is
# to be enqueued is its volume / sum of all
# job volume. Defaults to 1.
volume 5
# The minimum amount of time to perform the
# job. Defaults to 1.
runtime_min 5
# The maximum amount of time to perform the
# job. Defaults to 2. The runtime is a
# random between runtime_min..runtime_max
runtime_max 10
# The error_rate to maintain within the job.
# Approximately this percentage of enqueues
# will result in a failure of the job. The
# default is 0
error_rate 0.1
# another job within the same queue
job :slow_email do
volume 1
runtime_min 5
runtime_max 10
error_rate 0.2
# another queue
queue :reports do
# another job within the queue.
job :eeo do
volume 1
error_rate 0.05
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