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Sipexten identifies extensions on a SIP server. Sipexten can check large network and port ranges.


Sipexten allows us to:

  • Identify extensions on a SIP server.
  • Scan large ranges of networks.
  • Scan large ranges of extensions.
  • Connect over UDP or TCP protocol.
  • Try UDP and TCP at the same time.
  • It tells you if the extension line requires authentication or not.
  • Analyze responses using verbose mode.
  • Allow us to customize the UserAgent.
  • It is possible to save all operations into a database.
  • It is possible to run it in silent mode.


$ perl 

SipEXTEN - by Pepelux <>

Usage: perl -h <host> [options]
== Options ==
-m  <string>     = Method: REGISTER/INVITE/OPTIONS (default: OPTIONS)
-e  <string>     = Extensions (default 100-1000)
-s  <integer>    = Source number (CallerID) (default: 100)
-d  <integer>    = Destination number (default: 100)
-r  <integer>    = Remote port (default: 5060)
-p  <string>     = Prefix (for extensions)
-proto <string>  = Protocol (UDP or TCP - By default: UDP)
-ip <string>     = Source IP (by default it is the same as host)
-ua <string>     = Customize the UserAgent
-db              = Save results into database (sippts.db)
-nolog           = Don't show anything on the console
-v               = Verbose (trace information)
-vv              = More verbose (more detailed trace)
  • Search for extension range on a specific server.
$ perl -h -e 100-200 -m REGISTER
  • Search extensions from 100 to 2000 on a network range with destination port between 5060 and 5080.
$ perl -h -e 100-2000 -r 5060-5080
  • If you want to save all operations into a database, you can use -db parameter.
$ perl -h -e 100-200 -db
  • Also you can run it in silent mode.
$ perl -h -e 100-200 -db -nolog
  • Maybe 'pplsip' is a known UserAgent and the system automatically blocks the SIP messages. You can change it with a -ua parameter.
$ perl -h -e 100-200 -ua myUserAgent


$ perl -h -e 100-200 -m REGISTER

IP address	Port	Extension	Authentication                  User-Agent
==========	====	=========	==============                  ==========	5060	100		No authentication required      Asterisk PBX 16.2.1	5060	101		Require authentication          Asterisk PBX 16.2.1	5060	102		IP filtered                     Asterisk PBX 16.2.1
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