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Sipspy is a fake SIP server that listens on port 5060/UDP and responds to REGISTER message authentication requests.

The purpose of sipspy is to obtain the digest authentication response from a device that thinks it is connecting to a PBX server:

Device                                      Fake SIP Server
         ---> REGISTER (with no auth) ---> 
         <--- 401 Unauthorized        <---
         ---> REGISTER (with auth)    ---> 


$ perl -h

SipSPY  - by Pepelux <>

Usage: perl [options]
== Options ==
-h               = This help
-p  <integer>    = Local port (default: 5060)
-v               = Verbose (trace information)


$ perl
     [ Sending digest => WWW-Authenticate: Digest algorithm=MD5, realm="asterisk", nonce="405a7bc0" ]
 ]   [ Digest response => Authorization: Digest username="user202", realm="asterisk", nonce="405a7bc0", uri="sip:", response="d0b3959b50a3848a9a959c4080221c4c", algorithm=MD5

How does SIP authentication work?

response = md5(A:nonce:B)

-> nonce is found in the first REGISTER
A = md5(user:realm:pass)
-> user is our user that we can see in the first REGISTER
-> realm is found in the first REGISTER
-> pass is the password that only the user knows and that is never sent
B = md5(REGISTER:uri)
-> REGISTER is this word
-> uri we can found it in the first REGISTER ant it looks like ''

If we have all the ingredients, we can try to obtain the user's password by brute force. On this case:

A = md5(user:realm:pass)
A = md5(user202:asterisk:???)
B = md5(REGISTER:uri)
B = md5(REGISTER:sip:
B = aac4b22aee5d5ccab3ad0afadf1139a6
response = md5(A:nonce:B)
response = md5(md5(user202:asterisk:???):405a7bc0:aac4b22aee5d5ccab3ad0afadf1139a6)
response = d0b3959b50a3848a9a959c4080221c4c

Now we can write a simple script that, based on a wordlist, test the different words and verify each one:

foreach ($WORD in $WORDLIST) {
if (md5(md5(user202:asterisk:$WORD):405a7bc0:aac4b22aee5d5ccab3ad0afadf1139a6) == d0b3959b50a3848a9a959c4080221c4c) {
      echo "Password found! --> $WORD";
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