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Laravel 4 and Angular artisan generator
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Laravel 4 and Angular artisan generator

Install threw composer:

composer require pep/generator

Add the following line to the providers array in config/app.php


Available generators:

  generate:controller      Generate a new controller.
  generate:migration       Generate a new migration.
  generate:model           Generate a new model.
  generate:seed            Generate a new seed.
  generate:assets          Generate a new assets file.
  generate:asset           Add asset to GruntFile and assets file.
  generate:grunt           Generate a new GruntFile.
  generate:ng:controller   Generate a new angular controller.
  generate:ng:directive    Generate a new angular directive.
  generate:ng:factory      Generate a new angular factory.
  generate:ng:filter       Generate a new angular filter.
  generate:ng:service      Generate a new angular service.
  generate:ng:structure    Generate angular directory structure (needed for generating other angular elements).

More generators will follow soon!

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