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Rollup compatible bundler, designed to be used in development, while Rollup is used to generate a production build.


  • Rollup is excellent, but during development it can be a bit slow as it's performing unnecessary build steps (tree-shaking).
  • When making changes to files, Rollup has to recompile the entire bundle due to the tree-shaking optimisations. This can lead to slow rebuild times.
  • Wanted something similar to Webpack development flow, but with the simplicity of the Rollup configuration and plugin ecosystem.
  • To give developers a foundation for implementing Hot Module Replacement when using Rollup.
  • While Rollup does have watching functionality, it writes to disk and isn't intended to be used in-memory.

What does this do?

  • Nollup doesn't attempt to do any optimisations, it simple concatenates all of the modules together with simple function wrappers.
  • ES6 import and export statements are detected and replaced with an internal module loader.
  • Each module is wrapped in an eval call with source maps.
  • Compatible with Rollup plugins, so you can use one single Rollup configuration for both development and production. Make sure the plugin uses emitAsset instead of writing to disk.
  • Detects changed files, and performs a rebuild and has support for Hot Module Replacement.


See examples directory on how to use.


Nollup provides a dev server which can be used as a CLI command.

    "scripts": {
        "start": "nollup -c"

See "Nollup Options" for list of available flags.


Configuration file that can be used to pass configuration instead of as flags through the CLI.

    "hot": true,
    "contentBase": "./public"

A JavaScript file called .nolluprc.js can be used instead.

module.exports = {
    hot: true,
    contentBase: './public'

See "Nollup Options" for list of available options.

Nollup Options

  • String config | -c | --config [file] - Pass a configuration file. By default it will look for rollup.config.js but can be specified otherwise.
  • String contentBase | --content-base [folder] - Folder to serve static content from. By default it will be looking in './.
  • Boolean historyApiFallback | --history-api-fallback - If set, it will fallback to index.html if accessing a route that doesn't exist.
  • Boolean hot | --hot - Enable Hot Module Replacement.
  • Number port | --port [value] - Port number to run server on. Default is 8080.
  • Boolean verbose | --verbose - If set, there's verbose logging.
  • Object proxy - Object keys are paths to match. Value is domain to redirect to. "/api": "http://localhost:8080" will have a request such as /api/todos redirect to http://localhost:8080/api/todos
  • String hmrHost | --hmr-host [host] - Host to connect to for HMR. Default is
  • Function before - Receives Express app as argument. Allows for middleware before internally used middleware.
  • Function after - Receives Express app as argument. Allows for middleware after internally used middleware.


See API for information on how to use the JavaScript API.

Rollup Plugins with Nollup Enhancements


  • Not all Rollup configuration options are supported yet.
  • Not all Rollup plugin hooks are implemented yet.
  • Sourcemaps aren't perfect yet, depends on plugin usage.
  • Does not attempt to parse "require" calls anywhere.
  • No support for live-bindings, but circular dependencies are supported.

Contributions are welcome.

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