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Data from Jeff Rouder's Perception and Cognition Lab at the University of Missouri
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Notes for repository data1

1. data1 is the repository for automatic data uploads from Jeff
Rouder's Perception and Cogniton Lab at the University of Missouri.  

2. Uploads started on 2015-01-10 for select experiments with the intent
to make all experiments be uploaded

3. Directories are used to identify experiment groups, and nested
directories identify experiments nested within groups.

4. Each experiment has the following types of files:
a. xxx.dat.yyy are raw data files

b. are session files which provide information about
participant and computer settings
c. xxx.txt are column labels and other notes.

d. xxx.all are concatenated data files

5. Session files have the following column labels:
a. Experiment ID, (# in our database)
b. Member ID, (who ran the experiment, # in our database)
c. Participant ID (# in our database)  
d. Assigned ID (matches subject number in filename)
e. Concerns ('None' is the usual)
f. Date Run
g. Time Started
h. Time Ended
i. Resolution of screen (x dimension)
j. Resolution of screen (y dimension)
k. Refresh rate
l. Computer ID
m. random seed

6. We keep all demographics on participants in a database that also
has identified information and cannot be released.  We are happy to
provide demographics for select participants, by participant ID, on

---Jeff Rouder, 2015-02-18
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