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Perception Robotique, MIS, UPJV

The Robotic Perception group of the MIS lab at UPJV leads researches on unconventional vision for robotics in various contexts, mainly digital heritage.

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  1. libPeR_base libPeR_base Public

    Public part of the Robotic Perception group (MIS lab, France) library about vision-based state estimation of robot and scene

    C++ 7 2

  2. dualfisheye2equi dualfisheye2equi Public

    Transformation of dual fisheye image to equirectangular image

    C++ 5 2

  3. VisualGyroscope VisualGyroscope Public

    Various algorithms to estimate 3D rotation between pairs of images

    C++ 3

  4. VisualServoing VisualServoing Public

    Direct visual servoing algorithms of the MIS and JRL

    C++ 3

  5. equi2equi equi2equi Public

    map an equirectangular image to a sphere, transform it and map it back to the equirectangular plane

    C++ 1

  6. rosomni2persp rosomni2persp Public

    ROS node using libPeR_base for rectifying an omnidirectional image to a perspective one



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