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sst-bench: script to measure time of various data transfer methods used for SST in Percona XtraDB Cluster
Usage: options --mode script role: donor - push data to joiner, joiner - awating data from donor
--sst-mode sst-methods to test: xbackup, xbackup_enc, tar, rsync, rsync_improved
--ssl use ssl for network connections (defaul:0 <0|1>)
--cipher ssl cipher: DEFAULT, AES128, AES256, CHACHA20(for socat with openssl 1.1.0)
--xb-enc-key file with encryption key for xbackup_enc mode
--aesni AESNI enabled by default (defaul:1 <0|1>)
It's required to adjust environment variables in the begining of script before usage of the test. Example: Archiving datadir using tar and transfered it over SSL connection between donor and joiner hosts with AES128 cipher, support of AES-NI is disabled #joiner_host> --mode=joiner --sst-mode=tar --cipher=AES128 --ssl=1 --aesni=0 Disabling AES_NI /usr/bin/env OPENSSL_ia32cap="~0x200000200000000" socat -u openssl-listen:20202,reuseaddr,cipher=AES128,cert=/home/alexeys/sst_certs/server-cert.pem,key=/home/alexeys/sst_certs/server-key.pem,cafile=/home/alexeys/sst_certs/ca.pem,verify=0 stdio | tar -C /data/test -xf - #donor_host> --mode=donor --sst-mode=tar --cipher=AES128 --ssl=1 --aesni=0 Disabling AES_NI time (cd /data/test && /usr/bin/env OPENSSL_ia32cap="~0x200000200000000" tar -cO * | socat -u stdio openssl-connect:,cipher=AES128,cert=/home/alexeys/sst_certs/server-cert.pem,key=/home/alexeys/sst_certs/server-key.pem,cafile=/home/alexeys/sst_certs/ca.pem,verify=0 )