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WIP script to test if you're in a container and attempt simple breakouts
Crystal Dockerfile
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Docker Escape Tool


This is a quick script to identify if you're in a Docker container and try some quick escape techniques.


  • Refactor literally everything.
  • Move from relying on libcurl to Crystal's inbuilt networking once it gains support for unix sockets.
  • Improve installing Docker inside a container because currently I'm wgetting a binary lol.


This script assesss if you're in a container through the following:

  • Presence of .dockerenv/.dockerinit files
  • Mentions of Docker in cgroups
  • Weird PID 1 (i.e. not an init)

To add:

  • Lack of hardware related processes

Breakout techniques

  • Mounted Docker unix socket.
  • Reachable Docker network socket.
  • Mountable devices (e.g. host / disk)

To add:

  • CVE-2019-5736
  • Enumerate containers within the same Docker network to pivot


Use a prebuilt binary from the releases page or compile yourself with:

crystal build src/

Then just run the compiled binary in your container.

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