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Project Spiderweb - Service

License; use, modification, sharing, and distribution

  • This project does not have an Open Source license and its copyright is only extended to the specified authors.

  • You are not permitted to share the software.

  • You are not permitted to distribute the software.

  • You are not permitted to modify the software.

  • You are not permitted to use the software, except at its hosted URL.

  • You are, however, permitted to view and fork this repo.

You can read more about our permissions at



If you want to get started on contributing, head over the Root Project Page and either check out the Issues or Projects. Not sure where to start? You can post your interest here and we'll get you started.

We keep a separate repo for Issues/Projects because the project spans more than one repo (front-end, back-end, etc). If there is an issue specific to only this project, you can just post an issue here.

Adding dependencies

Dependencies are installed using govendor until go2 is released.

go get -u
govendor fetch <same as "go get" path>


See the Go Getting Started page for details on how to set up your machine for Go development.

go get


First, install testify, which is used for unit test mocks and assertions: go get

To run the unit tests, you can run go test ./....

If you're writing new unit tests, you'll likely need to install mockery to mock interfaces.

If you want to run the intregated tests against the db, make sure to:

  1. Set the env var SETUP_SQL_FILEPATH to the filepath of where the db's setup.sql file is on your local machine:
export SETUP_SQL_FILEPATH=/Users/rhyeen/Documents/repos/project-spiderweb/project-spiderweb-db/setup.sql
  1. Have the database docker container running locally. Follow the for instructions.


To build the app, cd cmd/server and run go build. This will create a server executable that you can run


You'll then be able to hit the service at http://localhost:8782 try hitting http://localhost:8782/healthcheck to see the basic service is working or http://localhost:8782/dbhealthcheck to see if it can successfully connect to the database.

Serving API Docs locally

The API docs can be accessed when the server is running locally at: http://localhost:8782/api/docs.


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