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Perkedel Technologies

Share and Serve for Gratis, Open Source, and FULL VERSION!!!

Hi there ๐Ÿ‘‹

Welcome to Perkedel Technologies GTHB, GitHub Division of Perkedel.

Here we have source code repositories & forks we got in this life if GitHub here yeah.

๐Ÿ™‹โ€โ™€๏ธ A short introduction

Share & Serve for Gratis, Open Source, & FULL VERSION!!!

it's not just a slogan, but our motto. What are we doing in this company. How do we supposed to do stuffs in this company, subsidiaries, etc. etc.

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๐Ÿฟ Fun facts

  • Joel is insectiphobia. If you are flying insect, or anything that based on insect, please pardon his jumpscare towards you (and probably loss of life), people. He is not racist, just scared of certain bugs, especially cockroaches.
  • Joel likes Perkedel. it's fried mash potato. This explains the brand & the name of this company, just like presumably Apple or whatever it is.
  • according to most name meaning databases, Joel means son of God. This probably explains Joel's fear of God, and some of the motive in this company that relates to Christianity.
  • Joel is the 1st father of Perkedel Technologies & the kingdom. Joel also is founder of Perkedel Technologies & its stuff that comes from it (notably Perkedel Cinematic Universe).
  • Despite Joel being crybaby to this day, his language of crying evolves into even more complicated language as he grows. Right now, it is no longer litteral and can be found on some of his creations. It may needs some times to figure out if this is Joel was crying.



  • If you that itch comment against Kart Kids published by SokPop, ignore it! That was Joel's stance against egregious paywall over a too simple game could be a freeware from serveral years ago. Today Joel already bought it, despite all the sloppy apology. And peck you, Google!! Rank that down, you cancel culture occultist!!!!


  1. After-Church After-Church Public

    Whole After Church TV show project repository.

    GDScript 2 1

  2. HexagonEngine HexagonEngine Public

    Cinema Enters Game Console Game Engine. A Higher Level Application and Game Framework. Powered by Godot Engine.

    Python 10 2

  3. bla-bla-mcpe bla-bla-mcpe Public

    The Ultimate Fantasy World. Minecraft Bedrock PE world.

    mcfunction 1 1

  4. Perkedel-Minecraft-Java-World Perkedel-Minecraft-Java-World Public

    Perkedel's Minecraft Java Edition World Save


  5. Where_Is_LoadingBar_Functionality Where_Is_LoadingBar_Functionality Public

    I managed to make Loading Bar Thread Sensation for Godot inspired from Brackeys IEnumerated Loading Bar Coroutine Sensation for Unity!!!

    GAP 2 1

  6. Whole-KisekaeCharacters Whole-KisekaeCharacters Public

    Whole bunch of: Kisekae Character Export Codes from many different peoples including me!

    2 1


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