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Wide character in print #22

szabgab opened this Issue · 12 comments

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When there are unicode characters in the Makefile.PL I get the following warning:

Wide character in print at /home/gabor/perl5/lib/perl5/ExtUtils/ line 1027.

See as an example


Unfortunately, this will not work in 5.6. This is as good a reason as any to kill 5.6. See #5.


I guess this could be solved by a conditional fix of the problem if ($] > 5.008001) { fixed } else { old code } and then it could be removed when you kill 5.6. OTOH I appreciate, but I don't understand why do you make such an effort supporting old versions of Perl.


If MakeMaker (or Test::More) decides to drop a version of Perl, or an operating system, it denies it to everyone. So I go the extra mile... or twenty.

Anyhow, don't worry about it. We're likely to kill 5.6 support before next stable.


I'm not sure we need to go that far for this. I just pushed an experimental branch in which i removed the occurances of use utf8; and it still passes all tests and the generated Makefile matches the one generated with all utfes in place:


I think it might be a bit more useful to detect utf8 being loaded and throw an error asking for it to be removed or us contacted with a good reason as to why it's needed.


@wchristian I doubt it really works without utf8, I think you just hit the limitations of the test. The test doesn't check that the file contents are correct.

As to the idea of asking people why they need utf8... aren't you German? Don't you fellas need those funny characters? :-P


@schwern: That's my point.

Note this bit:

the generated Makefile matches the one generated with all utfes in place:

I didn't check the Makefile.PL or just ran the test, i checked that the actual Makefile itself that falls out at the end is the same one (byte-wise) with or without being loaded; and it matched.

I work a lot with things in UTF8 and i honestly find that 99% of the time you want Perl to just treat it as it is and it'll do a good job. I honestly cannot remember any time where "use utf8;" was of any use to me. :)

Also, just in case it wasn't entirely clear: When i said " why it's needed", i was referring to, not utf8 itself.


Failure to encode on output also causes invalid META.yml for those of us with characters between 128 and 255 in our names, see e.g.



Perl Lancaster consensus I think this can be applied.


See also Moose RT#96246 as Moose's Makefile.PL has non-Latin1 names in AUTHORS.

@rurban rurban referenced this issue from a commit in rurban/ExtUtils-MakeMaker
@szabgab szabgab test and eliminate unicode warning #22 9433d53
@mohawk2 mohawk2 referenced this issue from a commit in mohawk2/ExtUtils-MakeMaker
@szabgab szabgab test and eliminate unicode warning #22 8d3b79b

There is an EUMM RT that can be closed when this is:


@szabgab, your code has been merged into the master - any reason not to close this issue? If not, could you close it?



@szabgab szabgab closed this
@vovkasm vovkasm referenced this issue from a commit in vovkasm/ExtUtils-MakeMaker
@vovkasm vovkasm Merge commit '8f393bd6ed756d74a3b6467729099d1a8467462a'
* commit '8f393bd6ed756d74a3b6467729099d1a8467462a': (290 commits)
  Fix regression for older versions of version which are lax
  Make older perls behave the same as modern perls.
  Update bundled CPAN::Meta::Requirements to 2.126
  Revert "Update bundled CPAN::Meta to 2.142060, CPAN::Meta::Requirements to 2.126."
  Leave any "v" start of version, per @dagolden advice.
  Update bundled CPAN::Meta to 2.142060, CPAN::Meta::Requirements to 2.126.
  Use to parse/normalise versions, in EU::MM::clean_versions.
  Report excerpts of the makefile via note() displayed during verbose testing
  Add a test for various forms of 3-part versions, all of which are presently unsupported
  Remove "running under some shell" - resolve #37.
  link to Dist::Zilla
  link to File::ShareDir::Install and File::ShareDir
  Better scope for a variable
  Liblist::Kid: Handle invocations properly
  Release engineering for v6.99_07
  fix szabgab/pr23 for 5.6.2
  test and eliminate unicode warning #22
  Release engineering for v6.99_06
  Passes all tests with perl in place-with-space.
  With perl in place-with-space, make Makefile that can make all.

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