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Clarified support for Make programs and MAKE parameter #27

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Hi folks,

the doc for EU::MM is quite unclear on what Make programs are supported, and also on the meaning of the MAKE parameter. I think I clarified it somewhat. Please take a look at the doc patch I'm proposing here. Guess most of you know this stuff, but others don't.

Thanks. Best,



The I<> isn't closed.

@schwern schwern merged commit ccb2365 into Perl-Toolchain-Gang:master
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Commits on Feb 26, 2012
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@@ -1168,6 +1168,18 @@ It splits the task of generating the Makefile into several subroutines
that can be individually overridden. Each subroutine returns the text
it wishes to have written to the Makefile.
+As there are various Make programs with incompatible syntax, which
+use operating system shells, again with incompatible syntax, it is
+important for users of this module to know which flavour of Make
+a Makefile has been written for so they'll use the correct one and
+won't have to face the possibly bewildering errors resulting from
+using the wrong one.
+On POSIX systems, that program will likely be GNU Make; on Microsoft
+Windows, it will be either Microsoft NMake or DMake. Note that this
+module does not support generating Makefiles for GNU Make on Windows.
+See the section on the L</"MAKE"> parameter for details.
MakeMaker is object oriented. Each directory below the current
directory that contains a Makefile.PL is treated as a separate
object. This makes it possible to write an unlimited number of
@@ -1938,9 +1950,17 @@ MakeMaker also honors the MAKE environment variable. This parameter
takes precedent.
Currently the only significant values are 'dmake' and 'nmake' for Windows
+users, instructing MakeMaker to generate a Makefile in the flavour of
+DMake ("Dennis Vadura's Make") or Microsoft NMake respectively.
+Defaults to $Config{make}, which may go looking for a Make program
+in your environment.
-Defaults to $Config{make}.
+How are you supposed to know what flavour of Make a Makefile has
+been generated for if you didn't specify a value explicitly? Search
+the generated Makefile for the definition of the MAKE variable,
+which is used to recursively invoke the Make utility. That will tell
+you what Make you're supposed to invoke the Makefile with.
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