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commit 54874e728b32e015a0ec879f23ed49277e17fa8e 1 parent 0ed8589
@Leont Leont authored
4 bin/config_data
@@ -162,13 +162,13 @@ Koenig (C<CPAN::Config>), Jon Swartz (C<HTML::Mason::Config>), Andy
Wardley (C<Template::Config>), and Larry Wall (perl's own
have developed independently.
-The configuration system emplyed here was developed in the context of
+The configuration system employed here was developed in the context of
C<Module::Build>. Under this system, configuration information for a
module C<Foo>, for example, is stored in a module called
C<Foo::ConfigData>) (I would have called it C<Foo::Config>, but that
was taken by all those other systems mentioned in the previous
paragraph...). These C<...::ConfigData> modules contain the
-configuration data, as well as publically accessible methods for
+configuration data, as well as publicly accessible methods for
querying and setting (yes, actually re-writing) the configuration
data. The C<config_data> script (whose docs you are currently
reading) is merely a front-end for those methods. If you wish, you
2  lib/Module/Build/API.pod
@@ -630,7 +630,7 @@ specify explicitly.
[version 0.36]
The C<needs_compiler> parameter indicates whether a compiler is required to
-build the distsribution. The default is false, unless XS files are found or
+build the distribution. The default is false, unless XS files are found or
the C<c_source> parameter is set, in which case it is true. If true,
L<ExtUtils::CBuilder> is automatically added to C<build_requires> if needed.
2  lib/inc/
@@ -192,7 +192,7 @@ available. For example:
my @list = inc::latest->loaded_modules;
This takes no arguments and always returns a list of module names requested for
-loading via "use inc::latest 'MODULE'", regardless of wether the load was
+loading via "use inc::latest 'MODULE'", regardless of whether the load was
successful or not.
=item write()

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