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Change the modulebuildrc example to use Build_PL to set install_base …

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Avoids the probable misfeature of install defaults always overriding Build.PL args.

Probably a better idea to set it early as then its available for the whole build process
and any custom paths the module might want to set based on it.

Signed-off-by: Michael G. Schwern <>
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1 parent 12ae2dd commit 8b7add7388001ab45b4a1261d1817032f8af38c6 @schwern schwern committed Apr 29, 2010
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@@ -751,9 +751,9 @@ to all actions, and the key 'Build_PL' specifies options to be applied
when you invoke C<perl Build.PL>.
* verbose=1 # global options
- diff flags=-u
- install --install_base /home/ken
+ Build_PL --install_base /home/ken
--install_path html=/home/ken/docs/html
+ diff flags=-u
installdeps --cpan_client 'cpanp -i'
If you wish to locate your resource file in a different location, you

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