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You cannot trust that a boolean function will return 1.

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1 parent 8b7add7 commit fce7c9ccdf619f70cbe9fb957b626cd420527102 @schwern schwern committed
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2 lib/Module/Build/
@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@ sub new {
- if ( $self->check_prereq + $self->check_autofeatures != 2) {
+ if ( !$self->check_prereq || !$self->check_autofeatures ) {
ERRORS/WARNINGS FOUND IN PREREQUISITES. You may wish to install the versions

3 comments on commit fce7c9c

Perl Toolchain Gang member

Both have the side-effect of outputting stuff to the user. Now that output may be incomplete if the dist is missing prerequisites.

Perl Toolchain Gang member

Yep, I just fixed it. 8acbab6

The side effects are evil all the way down. I was particularly disheartened to see that they check for the word disabled in the formatted output.


There is an insane amount of stuff like that in Module::Build. Things that seem simple refactoring/cleanup wind up having unexpected consequences.

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