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Revision history for Software-License
0.102250 2010-08-13 09:54:29 America/New_York
alter the output of None to look a bit less repetitive (ABRAXXA)
0.101620 2010-06-11 19:14:03 America/New_York
LGPL_3_0 now includes GPL_3 in its fulltext (RT #47135)
0.101600 2010-06-09 07:50:11 America/New_York
"None" should be "restrictive" on 1.4, not "restricted"
0.101410 2010-05-21 07:41:57 America/New_York
Artistic licenses' meta2_name should not have a trailing _0
0.101370 2010-05-17 19:07:27 America/New_York
add the meta2_name method for META.json files in schema v2
0.016 2010-05-01
added the None and CC0_1_0 licenses for the far ends of the spectrum
(thanks to Brian Phillips for None)
0.015 2010-03-26
up the Test::More prereq
0.014 2010-03-23
add meta_name to almost all remaining licenses, and add a test
0.013 2010-03-18
add meta_name to Artistic 2 (thanks, Bernardo Rechea)
0.012 2009-05-22
added guess_license_from_meta which is both JSON and YAML compatible
0.011 2009-05-19
clarify references to Perl in Perl_5 license
rename things that were YAML-specific to just be "meta"
0.010 2009-04-14
add url methods where they were missing (Shlomi Fish)
0.009 2009-01-16
add repo loc to metadata
0.008 2008-06-16
fix behavior when guessing multiple items from meta.yml
(RT #36805, thanks bricas!)
0.007 2008-06-08
fix detection of the various GNU licences
0.006 2008-06-07
refactor inline template logic out to Data::Section
0.005 2008-06-01
add meta_yml_name method
0.004 2008-04-12
documentation fixes
0.003 2008-04-11
_from_pm is now _from_pod
"guess" methods return a list
guess_license_from_meta_yml (thanks, Brian Cassidy!)
0.002 2008-04-09
added Software::LicenseUtils (by request)
added ->url method to licenses
fix POD for Mozilla 1.1
add LGPL 3
0.001 2008-03-18
minor packaging fixes
0.000 2008-03-18
pre-release for public evaluation
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