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Run Perl standard test scripts with statistics
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benchmark Added another snapshot.
bin Add --version to usage message #101215
examples add "use warnings" directives everywhere, now that we require 5.6
lib Update URLs for the "" website
misc Generate the list of modules to load from MANIFEST.
packaging A start at packing info. This specfile stolen from
reference/Test-Harness-2.64 Reverted unwise tidy. I blame ack -f --perl :)
smoke Oops - get the repo URL right.
t Require TAP::Formatter::HTML 0.10
xt add "use warnings" directives everywhere, now that we require 5.6
.gitignore Add META files to .gitignore
.perltidyrc .perltidyrc - switched to long options (which speak for themselves)
Changes Bump version to 3.34
Changes-2.64 Renamed Test-Harness-Changes to Changes-2.64
HACKING.pod Update URLs for the "" website
MANIFEST Switch to MakeMaker for authoring too
MANIFEST.CUMMULATIVE Revert "Disable default-global-warnings behaviour."
MANIFEST.SKIP Revert "Disable default-global-warnings behaviour."
Makefile.PL Switch to MakeMaker for authoring too
README Update to refer to NotBuild.PL.
TH_TODO Reclasified a few more bugs
TODO cleaned out source handler todo list, and started writing one for mul…
perlcriticrc starting a perlcritic target


Test-Harness 3.24


To install Test::Harness using ExtUtils::MakeMaker do:

    perl Makefile.PL
    make test
    make install

To use Module::Build (preferred) do:

    perl NotBuild.PL
    ./Build test
    ./Build install

This will install Test::Harness and the "prove" program. Type

    prove --help

for more information.


Copyright (C) 2006, 2007 Curtis "Ovid" Poe

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
under the same terms as Perl itself.

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