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This project is the source for the Docker perl repo; for more details, take a look at

The structure of this repo is to use the full version ID of each Perl version, plus a comma separate list of extensions, followed by the Debian release codename that the resulting Docker image will be based from.

The Docker Perl image now builds and runs in architectures other than amd64, such as i386 and arm64v8; see docker-library/official-images for the details.

Getting Started

The individual Dockerfiles are generated via, which uses Releases.yaml to populate the individual files. This needs the Devel::PatchPerl and YAML::XS modules, which you can install by doing cpanm --installdeps . in this repository's root directory.

To regenerate the Dockerfiles, just run ./ Do note that this might take time as it will download the Perl source tarballs for each version to re-patch with updates from Devel::PatchPerl as needed. Also, it is advised to update Devel::PatchPerl as soon as a new version comes out.

For older versions of Perl, some patches may be necessary to build properly on a current base OS. In those cases, perl -V will show the locally applied patches. These changes should be limited to Configure rather than to code itself, and will be a cherry pick or back port of a patch from the mainline perl branch whenever possible.


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