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@@ -15,18 +15,17 @@
# called "metaconfig". Rather than working with this copy of Configure,
# you may wish to get metaconfig. Perl uses a modified version of this
# tool, available in the "dist" folder in the checkout of the git repo
# $ git clone git:// metaconfig
# $ git clone metaconfig
# The original dist package (including metaconfig) is available via SVN:
# $ svn co
# $ git clone dist-git
# Though this script was generated by metaconfig from metaunits, it is
# OK to send patches against Configure itself. It's up to the Configure
# pumpkin to backport the patch to the metaunits if it is accepted.
# For more information on patching Configure, see pod/perlhack.pod
# The metaunits are also available from the public git repository:
# or
# $ git clone git:// metaconfig
# The metaunits are also available from the public github repository:
# See Porting/pumpkin.pod for more information on metaconfig.
@@ -667,6 +666,7 @@ d_memcmp=''
@@ -16515,6 +16515,10 @@ eval $inlibc
set memmove d_memmove
eval $inlibc
: see if memrchr exists
set memrchr d_memrchr
eval $inlibc
: see if memset exists
set memset d_memset
eval $inlibc
@@ -24734,6 +24738,7 @@ d_memcmp='$d_memcmp'
@@ -322,11 +322,15 @@ useful information - DAPM 7/2009.
If you need to make changes to Configure or config_h.SH, it may be best to
change the appropriate metaconfig units instead, and regenerate Configure.
metaconfig -m
mconfig -m -O
will regenerate F<Configure> and F<config_h.SH>. Much more information
on obtaining and running metaconfig is in the F<U/README> file
that comes with Perl's metaconfig units.
that comes with Perl's metaconfig units. See the head of Configure for the
recent information on how to obtain the units and the tools. The base boils
down to
` git clone metaconfig
Since metaconfig is hard to change, running correction scripts after
this generation is sometimes needed. Configure gained complexity over
@@ -335,16 +339,8 @@ when compiling perl. Therefor, you need to run Porting/
after that generation. All that and more is described in the README
files that come with the metaunits.
Perl's metaconfig units should be available on CPAN. A set of units
that will work with perl5.9.x is in a file with a name similar to
F<mc_units-20070423.tgz> under L<>.
The mc_units tar file should be unpacked in your main perl source directory.
Note: those units were for use with 5.9.x. There may have been changes since
then. Check for later versions or contact to obtain a
pointer to the current version.
Alternatively, do consider if the F<*ish.h> files or the hint files might be
a better place for your changes.
Alternatively, do consider if the F<*ish.h> files or the hint files might
be a better place for your changes.
@@ -1385,11 +1381,11 @@ copyrights alone. Doing more than that requires quite a bit of tracking.
=head1 AUTHORS
Original author: Andy Dougherty .
Additions by Chip Salzenberg and
Tim Bunce .
Additions by Chip Salzenberg, Tim Bunce and the perl5
development team.
All opinions expressed herein are those of the authorZ<>(s).
2009-07-08-01 Jesse Vincent
2017-10-13 H.Merijn Brand

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