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non_bincompat_options is a lie #13904

p5pRT opened this issue Jun 4, 2014 · 2 comments

non_bincompat_options is a lie #13904

p5pRT opened this issue Jun 4, 2014 · 2 comments
Closable? distro-mswin32 type-core


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@p5pRT p5pRT commented Jun 4, 2014

Migrated from (status was 'new')

Searchable as RT122032$

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@p5pRT p5pRT commented Jun 4, 2014

From @bulk88

Created by @bulk88

I was looking through what creates -V. I find issues with
non_bincompat_options in S_Internals_V.

In PL_bincompat_options in perl.h it says

/* These are all the compile time options that affect binary compatibility.
Other compile time options that are binary compatible are in perl.c
Both are combined for the output of perl -V
However, this string will be embedded in any shared perl library, which will
allow us add a comparison check in perlmain.c in the near future. */

So PL_bincompat_options means, if its not identical between XS/object
code and the core, bad things will happen, and therefore
non_bincompat_options in S_Internals_V are the options that dont affect
the interaction between XS and the core. The meaning of
non_bincompat_options is not documented in perl.c.

The name of the var is incomprehensible to me. Does
non_bincompat_options mean, "these options create a state of no binary
compatibility between XS and core" or does it mean "these options do not
affect binary compatibility"?

Anyway since PL_bincompat_options defines one side, the other one is
implictly the other side.

Onto specific entries in non_bincompat_options.

PERL_DONT_CREATE_GVSV affects the definition of GvSVn in gv.h yet is in

DEBUGGING affects existance of certain exports (Perl_pad_sv for example)
yet is in non_bincompat_options
, I have run into DLL export failures repeatedly when loading a
DEBUGGING XS DLL into a non-DEBUGGING perl, I dont remember if loading a
non-DEBUGGING XS DLL into a DEBUGGING perl works. dXSTARG contains
PAD_SV which is

# define PAD_SV(po) pad_sv(po)
# define PAD_SETSV(po,sv) pad_setsv(po,sv)
# define PAD_SV(po) (PL_curpad[po])
# define PAD_SETSV(po,sv) PL_curpad[po] = (sv)

PERL_IS_MINIPERL is in non_bincompat_options, miniperl has Dynaloader, OH RLY?

PERL_MEM_LOG is in non_bincompat_options, yet creates a
S_mem_log_common, Perl_mem_log_alloc, Perl_mem_log_realloc and
Perl_mem_log_free functions, if these dont exist in libperl, and the XS
module was compiled with this....

NO_TAINT_SUPPORT is in non_bincompat_options yet in sv.h I see

# define SvTAINTED(sv) 0
# define SvTAINTED(sv) (SvMAGICAL(sv) && sv_tainted(sv))

Its not a very bad incompatibility, since I think sv_tainted still
exists with NO_TAINT_SUPPORT, and no struct changes. PL_tainted isn't
removed with this option. Maybe that is a bug.
NO_MATHOMS is in non_bincompat_options, if the mathom-ed funcs dont
exist in libperl, and the XS module was compiled with mathoms and uses them

PERL_NEW_COPY_ON_WRITE is in non_bincompat_options, yet sv.h has

# define SvCANCOW(sv) \
(SvIsCOW(sv) \
? SvLEN(sv) ? CowREFCNT(sv) != SV_COW_REFCNT_MAX : 1 \
&& SvCUR(sv)+1 < SvLEN(sv))
/* Note: To allow 256 COW "copies", a refcnt of 0 means 1. */
# define CowREFCNT(sv) (*(U8 *)(SvPVX(sv)+SvLEN(sv)-1))
# define SV_COW_REFCNT_MAX ((1 << sizeof(U8)*8) - 1)
# endif

which is, or isn't public API? but anyway, new COW and old COW use
different macros, if the flags were only used in .c files, it would be
okay, but if they are in .h, its questionable.

Perl Info


Site configuration information for perl 5.21.1:

Configured by Owner at Wed May 28 03:57:28 2014.

Summary of my perl5 (revision 5 version 21 subversion 1) configuration:
  Local Commit: 1abbcfa06576bf8a6937c566bb4d18ba803b59d8
  Ancestor: 234105dd8a732de5fb48ccb1838c99281f89f669
    osname=MSWin32, osvers=5.1, archname=MSWin32-x86-multi-thread
    hint=recommended, useposix=true, d_sigaction=undef
    useithreads=define, usemultiplicity=define
    use64bitint=undef, use64bitall=undef, uselongdouble=undef
    usemymalloc=n, bincompat5005=undef
    cc='cl', ccflags ='-nologo -GF -W3 -O1 -MD -Zi -DNDEBUG -G7 -GL 
    optimize='-O1 -MD -Zi -DNDEBUG -G7 -GL',
    ccversion='13.10.6030', gccversion='', gccosandvers=''
    intsize=4, longsize=4, ptrsize=4, doublesize=8, byteorder=1234
    d_longlong=undef, longlongsize=8, d_longdbl=define, longdblsize=8
    ivtype='long', ivsize=4, nvtype='double', nvsize=8, Off_t='__int64', 
    alignbytes=8, prototype=define
  Linker and Libraries:
    ld='link', ldflags ='-nologo -nodefaultlib -debug -opt:ref,icf 
-ltcg  -libpath:"c:\perl521\lib\CORE"  -machine:x86'
    libpth="C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003\VC7\lib"
    libs=oldnames.lib kernel32.lib user32.lib gdi32.lib winspool.lib  
comdlg32.lib advapi32.lib shell32.lib ole32.lib oleaut32.lib  
netapi32.lib uuid.lib ws2_32.lib mpr.lib winmm.lib  version.lib 
odbc32.lib odbccp32.lib comctl32.lib msvcrt.lib
    perllibs=oldnames.lib kernel32.lib user32.lib gdi32.lib 
winspool.lib  comdlg32.lib advapi32.lib shell32.lib ole32.lib 
oleaut32.lib  netapi32.lib uuid.lib ws2_32.lib mpr.lib winmm.lib  
version.lib odbc32.lib odbccp32.lib comctl32.lib msvcrt.lib
    libc=msvcrt.lib, so=dll, useshrplib=true, libperl=perl521.lib
  Dynamic Linking:
    dlsrc=dl_win32.xs, dlext=dll, d_dlsymun=undef, ccdlflags=' '
    cccdlflags=' ', lddlflags='-dll -nologo -nodefaultlib -debug 
-opt:ref,icf -ltcg  -libpath:"c:\perl521\lib\CORE"  -machine:x86'

Locally applied patches:

@INC for perl 5.21.1:

Environment for perl 5.21.1:
    HOME (unset)
    LANG (unset)
    LANGUAGE (unset)
    LD_LIBRARY_PATH (unset)
    LOGDIR (unset)
    PATH=C:\perl521\bin;C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 
2003\Common7\IDE;C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 
2003\VC7\BIN;C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 
2003\Common7\Tools;C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 
    PERL_BADLANG (unset)
    SHELL (unset)

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@toddr toddr commented Feb 13, 2020

I don't see anything actionable here.

@toddr toddr added the Closable? label Feb 13, 2020
@xenu xenu removed the affects-5.21 label Nov 19, 2021
@xenu xenu removed the Severity Low label Dec 29, 2021
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