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Re: Open filehandles for 'used' files... #249

p5pRT opened this issue Jul 27, 1999 · 2 comments

Re: Open filehandles for 'used' files... #249

p5pRT opened this issue Jul 27, 1999 · 2 comments


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p5pRT commented Jul 27, 1999

Migrated from (status was 'resolved')

Searchable as RT1065$

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p5pRT commented Jul 27, 1999

From @nwc10

I think the answer is "yes unless it encounters __DATA__ or __END__ in that
package, in which case it keeps the FILE* open, attaching it to the package's
DATA filehandle."


  case KEY___DATA__​:
  case KEY___END__​: {
  GV *gv;

  /*SUPPRESS 560*/
  if (PL_rsfp && (!PL_in_eval || PL_tokenbuf[2] == 'D')) {
  char *pname = "main";
  if (PL_tokenbuf[2] == 'D')
  pname = HvNAME(PL_curstash ? PL_curstash : PL_defstash);
  gv = gv_fetchpv(form("%s​::DATA", pname), TRUE, SVt_PVIO);
  if (!GvIO(gv))
  GvIOp(gv) = newIO();
  IoIFP(GvIOp(gv)) = PL_rsfp;
#if defined(HAS_FCNTL) && defined(F_SETFD)
  int fd = PerlIO_fileno(PL_rsfp);
  fcntl(fd,F_SETFD,fd >= 3);
  /* Mark this internal pseudo-handle as clean */
  IoFLAGS(GvIOp(gv)) |= IOf_UNTAINT;
  if (PL_preprocess)
  IoTYPE(GvIOp(gv)) = '|';
  else if ((PerlIO*)PL_rsfp == PerlIO_stdin())
  IoTYPE(GvIOp(gv)) = '-';
  IoTYPE(GvIOp(gv)) = '<';
  PL_rsfp = Nullfp;
  goto fake_eof;

in toke.c

note how it copies PL_rsfp into the IoIFP, then sets PL_rsfp = Nullfp before
going to fake_eof, which does fclose on PL_rsfp.

Nicholas Clark

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p5pRT commented Jul 27, 1999

From @gbarr

case KEY\_\_\_DATA\_\_&#8203;:
case KEY\_\_\_END\_\_&#8203;: \{


I always thought you only got the DATA filehandle if you had __DATA__

This means that all the modules that put pod at the end after a __END__
or use AutoLoader are using a filehandle. I can now see how it is
very easy to run out of filehandles.

perl5.005_58 $ find lib -name \*.pm | wc -l
perl5.005_58 $ find lib -name \*.pm -exec grep -l ^__END__ {} \; | wc -l
perl5.005_58 $ find lib -name \*.pm -exec grep -l DATA {} \; | wc -l

It is probably to late to change __END__, so I think we need a new __ keyword
to denote the end and close the file.

Since you're clearly mad as a mongoose, I'll bid you good-day.
  -- Edmund to Captain Rum : Black Adder II "Potato"

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