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retroperl #581

p5pRT opened this issue Sep 20, 1999 · 3 comments

retroperl #581

p5pRT opened this issue Sep 20, 1999 · 3 comments


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p5pRT commented Sep 20, 1999

Migrated from (status was 'resolved')

Searchable as RT1438$

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p5pRT commented Sep 20, 1999

From The RT System itself

Larry 0 Classified. Don't ask.

Larry 3.001 1989-Oct-26
  3.002..4 1989-Nov-11
  3.005 1989-Nov-18
  3.006..8 1989-Dec-22
  3.009..13 1990-Mar-02
  3.014 1990-Mar-13
  3.015 1990-Mar-14
  3.016..18 1990-Mar-28
  3.019..27 1990-Aug-10 User subs.
  3.028 1990-Aug-14
  3.029..36 1990-Oct-17
  3.037 1990-Oct-20
  3.040 1990-Nov-10
  3.041 1990-Nov-13
  3.042..43 1990-Jan-??
  3.044 1991-Jan-12

Larry 5.000alpha1 1993-Jul-31
  5.000alpha2 1993-Aug-16
  5.000alpha3 1993-Oct-10
  5.000alpha4 1993-???-??
  5.000alpha5 1993-???-??
  5.000alpha6 1994-Mar-18
  5.003alpha7 1994-Mar-25
Andy 5.000alpha8 1994-Apr-04
Larry 5.000alpha9 1994-May-05 ext appears.
  5.000alpha10 1994-???-??
  5.000alpha11 1994-???-??
Andy 5.000a11a 1994-Jul-07 To fit 14.
  5.000a11b 1994-Jul-14
  5.000a11c 1994-Jul-19
  5.000a11d 1994-Jul-22
Larry 5.000alpha12 1994-???-??
Andy 5.000a12a 1994-Aug-08
  5.000a12b 1994-Aug-15
  5.000a12c 1994-Aug-22
  5.000a12d 1994-Aug-22
  5.000a12e 1994-Aug-22
  5.000a12f 1994-Aug-24
  5.000a12g 1994-Aug-24
  5.000a12h 1994-Aug-24
Larry 5.000beta1 1994-???-??
Andy 5.000b1a 1994-???-??
Larry 5.000beta2 1994-Sep-14 Core slushified.
Andy 5.000b2a 1994-Sep-14
  5.000b2b 1994-Sep-17
  5.000b2c 1994-Sep-17
Larry 5.000beta3 1994-Sep-??
Andy 5.000b3a 1994-Sep-18
  5.000b3b 1994-Sep-22
  5.000b3c 1994-Sep-23
  5.000b3d 1994-Sep-27
  5.000b3e 1994-Sep-28
  5.000b3f 1994-Sep-30
  5.000b3g 1994-Oct-04
Andy 5.000b3h 1994-Oct-07

Andy 5.000a 1994-Dec-19
  5.000b 1995-Jan-18
  5.000c 1995-Jan-18
  5.000d 1995-Jan-18
  5.000e 1995-Jan-18
  5.000f 1995-Jan-18
  5.000g 1995-Jan-18
  5.000h 1995-Jan-18
  5.000i 1995-Jan-26
  5.000j 1995-Feb-07
  5.000k 1995-Feb-11
  5.000l 1995-Feb-21
  5.000m 1995-???-??
  5.000n 1995-Mar-07

Andy 5.001a 1995-Mar-15
  5.001b 1995-Mar-31
  5.001c 1995-Apr-07
  5.001d 1995-Apr-14
  5.001e 1995-Apr-18 Stable.
  5.001f 1995-May-31
  5.001g 1995-May-25
  5.001h 1995-May-25
  5.001i 1995-May-30
  5.001j 1995-Jun-05
  5.001k 1995-Jun-06
  5.001l 1995-Jun-06 Stable.
  5.001n 1995-Oct-31 Very unstable.
  5.002beta1 1995-Nov-21
  5.002b1a 1995-Nov-??
  5.002b1b 1995-Dec-04
  5.002b1c 1995-Dec-04
  5.002b1d 1995-Dec-04
  5.002b1e 1995-Dec-08
  5.002b1f 1995-Dec-08
Tom 5.002b1g 1995-Dec-21 Doc release.
Andy 5.002b1h 1996-Jan-05
  5.002b2 1996-Jan-14
Larry 5.002b3 1996-Feb-02
Andy 5.002gamma 1996-Feb-11
Larry 5.002delta 1996-Feb-27

Charles 5.002_01 1996-Mar-25

Nick 5.003_02 1996-Aug-10
Andy 5.003_03 1996-Aug-28
  5.003_04 1996-Sep-02
  5.003_05 1996-Sep-12
  5.003_06 1996-Oct-07
Chip p54rc1 1997-May-12 Release Candidates.
  p54rc2 1997-May-14

These are already in the repository, but complete distributions
with well preserved file sizes and timestamps are sought out of
purely archeological interest.

Tim 5.004m5t1 1998-Mar-04 Maintenance Trials (for 5.004_05).
  5.004_04-m2 1997-May-01
  5.004_04-m3 1998-May-15
  5.004_04-m4 1998-May-19
  5.004_04-MT5 1998-Jul-21
  5.004_04-MT6 1998-Oct-09
  5.004_04-MT7 1998-Nov-22
  5.004_04-MT8 1998-Dec-03

Malcolm 5.004_50 1997-Sep-09 The 5.005 development track.


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p5pRT commented Apr 22, 2003

From @iabyn

theres a whole series of these with the same subject.
I'm closing them all.

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p5pRT commented Apr 22, 2003

@iabyn - Status changed from 'stalled' to 'resolved'

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