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djgpp install problems #685

p5pRT opened this issue Oct 5, 1999 · 2 comments

djgpp install problems #685

p5pRT opened this issue Oct 5, 1999 · 2 comments


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p5pRT commented Oct 5, 1999

Migrated from (status was 'resolved')

Searchable as RT1581$

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p5pRT commented Oct 5, 1999


I've encountered a few problems installing perl500503 onto djgpp.
First of all, symlinking sh to bash didn't seem to work, so I copied bash.exe
to sh.exe within djgpp/bin/. But that's no big deal. After that, everything
pretty much goes smoothly until I run 'make install'. At the point where it
calls perl installperl, it tells me that my patchlevel doesn't match.
that is, this part​:
my $ver = $];
my $release = substr($ver,0,3); # Not used presently.
my $patchlevel = substr($ver,3,2);
die "Patchlevel of perl ($patchlevel)",
  "and patchlevel of ($Config{'PATCHLEVEL'}) don't match\n"
  if $patchlevel != $Config{'PATCHLEVEL'};
outputs this​:
Patchlevel of perl (5) and patchlevel of () don't match

Also, perl myconfig didn't work until I changed the first line of myconfig to
have the full path of sh.exe. When I ran it, it had blank spaces next to
patchlevel and subversion. Looking in, I find the correct numbers
next to patchlevel and subversion, namely '5' and '3'.

I can't install perl without solving this problem!
Thanks zillions,
Brian Stamper

here's what I built djgpp with​:
from djgpp zip picker​:
v2/ DJGPP Copyright info 2 kb
v2/ DJGPP Basic Development Kit 1.4 mb
v2/ Frequently Asked Questions 551 kb
v2/readme.1st Installation instructions 14 kb
v2apps/ RHIDE 1.6 mb
v2gnu/ Basic assember, linker 1.8 mb
v2gnu/ Basic GCC compiler 1.7 mb
v2gnu/ C++ compiler 1.6 mb
v2gnu/ C++ libraries 484 kb
v2gnu/ Make (processes makefiles) 242 kb
v2gnu/ Info file reader
v2tk/allegro/ Allegro game library 1.4 mb
also add portion from perl readme.dos file

Yo, visit my website​: http​://

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p5pRT commented Oct 6, 1999

From [Unknown Contact. See original ticket]

hello again

I fixed the problem, but it is still a problem others will probably have.
The symlink problem was my fault, I did it in the wrong directory (duh.)
But more to the point, here's what I did​:
I started from scratch - I erased all folders/files of p500503 and djgpp, then
reinstalled all of that. I fixed a djgpp distribution error - I was using with gpp2951b, but there's an updated which I used
this time. But I don't think this was the real problem.

When the configure script offered a shell exit to modify, I entered
!edit (I don't have vi)

Near the bottom of the document was a list of 'Variables propagated from
previous file.' Now remember, I had erased the previous
along with everything else. Here there were two lines that said PATCHLEVEL='',
mixed in with a few other lines that said patchlevel='5' (and the date and
subversion lines). I erased the PATCHLEVEL='' lines, saved, exited
edit and continued with the configure script. After that, 'make', 'make test',
and 'make install' all worked like they're supposed to. (Actually, make test
said op/stat FAILED AT TEST 2, but for some reason I'm not worried about


Yo, visit my website​: http​://

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