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Revision history for Perl module Alien::Base.
0.000_006 Apr 3, 2012
- Yet anther bugfix(?) release
0.000_005 Apr 2, 2012
- Bugfix: A::B::PkgConfig _manual key shouldn't emit undef values
0.000_004 Apr 2, 2012
- Don't mangle LD_RUN_PATH if system installed
- Bugfix related to dreaded '"Can't call method "keyword" on an undefined value' error
- Made t/yy-system_installed.t smarter on picking a library for testing
0.000_003 Mar 18, 2012
- Require safer File::chdir
- Fixed "Bad File Descriptor" bug calling pkg-config
0.000_002 Mar 18, 2012
- More documentation
- Smarter in handling user-provided pkg-config data
- Generates pkg-config data from file structure if not defined
0.000_001 Mar 15, 2012
- Initial pre-alpha release, mostly to see CPANtesters results
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