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This module is meant to ease the install of the Gnu Scientific Library (GSL). It also provides version checking and build flags via the gsl-config utility.
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Alien::GSL - Easy installation of the GSL library


  # Build.PL
  use Alien::GSL;
  use Module::Build 0.28; # need at least 0.28

  my $builder = Module::Build->new(
    configure_requires => {
      'Alien::GSL' => '1.00', # first Alien::Base-based release
    extra_compiler_flags => Alien::GSL->cflags,
    extra_linker_flags   => Alien::GSL->libs,


  # lib/MyLibrary/
  package MyLibrary::GSL;

  use Alien::GSL; # dynaload gsl



Provides the Gnu Scientific Library (GSL) for use by Perl modules, installing it if necessary. This module relies heavily on the Alien::Base system to do so. To avoid documentation skew, the author asks the reader to learn about the capabilities provided by that module rather than repeating them here.


Since version 1.00, Alien::GSL relies on Alien::Base. Releases before that version warned about alpha stability and therefore no compatibility has been provided. There were no reverse dependencies on CPAN at the time of the change.

From version 1.00, compability is provided by the Alien::Base project itself which is quite concerned about keeping stability. Future versions are expected to maintain compatibilty and failure to do so is to be considered a bug. Of course this does not apply to the GSL library itself, though the author expects that the GNU project will provide the compatibility guarantees for that library as well.




Joel Berger, <>


Copyright (C) 2011-2015 by Joel Berger

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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