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228fe1e @franckcuny update TODO
franckcuny authored
1 * headers (a sane Dancer::Header class for all headers, for D::H::PSGI, * D::H::Standalone, D::Request, D::Response);
2 * rework the concept of D::Engines so we can have multiple D::Serializers loaded at once
3 * possibility to define a serializer for a route, a list of routes, in a route (locally), ...
5548f16 @dams some ideas
dams authored
4 * <dams> : nothing should be more global than to a Dancer app. Dancer should not become a bloated MVC, but to be pragmmatic :
5 * a Dancer app should have at most only one template engine attached to it
6 * a Dancer app should have at most only one session engine attached to it
7 * a Dancer app should be able to have multiple serializer attached to it
8 * <dams> : config should be changed so that
9 * template, session, serializer defined would be by default global.
10 * if specified in the config, templates and sessions could be set per app
11 * if specified in the config, serializers could be set per app and routes.
12 * <dams> : the serializer keyword should limit the serializer scope the route (if used inside a route definition) or to the app (if used outside of a route definition)
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