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package Dancer::Plugin;
use strict;
use warnings;
use Carp;
use base 'Exporter';
use Dancer::Config 'setting';
use base 'Exporter';
use vars qw(@EXPORT);
@EXPORT = qw(
sub register($&);
my $_keywords = {};
sub add_hook { Dancer::Route::Registry->hook(@_) }
sub plugin_setting {
my $plugin_orig_name = caller();
my ($plugin_name) = $plugin_orig_name =~ s/Dancer::Plugin:://;
my $settings = setting('plugins');
foreach ($plugin_name, $plugin_orig_name, lc $plugin_name,
lc $plugin_orig_name)
return $settings->{$_}
if (exists $settings->{$_});
sub register($&) {
my ($keyword, $code) = @_;
my $plugin_name = caller();
if (grep { $_ eq $keyword } @Dancer::EXPORT) {
croak "You can't use $keyword, this is a reserved keyword";
while (my ($plugin, $keywords) = each %$_keywords) {
if (grep { $_->[0] eq $keyword } @$keywords) {
croak "You can't use $keyword, this is a keyword reserved by $plugin";
$_keywords->{$plugin_name} ||= [];
push @{$_keywords->{$plugin_name}}, [$keyword => $code];
sub register_plugin {
my ($application) = shift || caller(1);
my ($plugin) = caller();
my @symbols = set_plugin_symbols($plugin);
no strict 'refs';
# tried to use unshift, but it yields an undef warning on $plugin (perl v5.12.1)
@{"${plugin}::ISA"} = ('Exporter', 'Dancer::Plugin', @{"${plugin}::ISA"});
push @{"${plugin}::EXPORT"}, @symbols;
return 1;
sub load_plugin {
my ($plugin) = @_;
croak "load_plugin is DEPRECATED, you must use 'use' instead";
sub set_plugin_symbols {
my ($plugin) = @_;
for my $keyword (@{$_keywords->{$plugin}}) {
my ($name, $code) = @$keyword;
no strict 'refs';
*{"${plugin}::${name}"} = $code;
return map { $_->[0] } @{$_keywords->{$plugin}};
=head1 NAME
Dancer::Plugin - helper for writing Dancer plugins
Create plugins for Dancer
package Dancer::Plugin::LinkBlocker;
use Dancer ':syntax';
use Dancer::Plugin;
register block_links_from => sub {
my $conf = plugin_setting();
my $re = join ('|', @{$conf->{hosts}});
before sub {
if (request->referer && request->referer =~ /$re/) {
status 403 || $conf->{http_code};
And in your application:
package My::Webapp;
use Dancer ':syntax';
use Dancer::Plugin::LinkBlocker;
block_links_from; # this is exported by the plugin
=head1 PLUGINS
You can extend Dancer by writing your own Plugin.
A plugin is a module that exports a bunch of symbols to the current namespace
(the caller will see all the symbols defined via C<register>).
Note that you have to C<use> the plugin wherever you want to use its symbols.
For instance, if you have Webapp::App1 and Webapp::App2, both loaded from your
main application, they both need to C<use FooPlugin> if they want to use the
symbols exported by C<FooPlugin>.
=head2 METHODS
=over 4
=item B<register>
Lets you define a keyword that will be exported by the plugin.
register my_symbol_to_export => sub {
# ... some code
=item B<register_plugin>
A Dancer plugin must end with this statement. This lets the plugin register all
the symbols define with C<register> as exported symbols (via the L<Exporter>
A Dancer plugin inherits from Dancer::Plugin and Exporter transparently.
=item B<plugin_setting>
Configuration for plugin should be structured like this in the config.yaml of the application:
key: value
If plugin_setting is called inside a plugin, the appropriate configuration will be returned. The plugin_name should be the name of the package, or, if the plugin name is under the Dancer::Plugin:: namespace, the end part of the plugin name.
=head1 AUTHORS
This module has been written by Alexis Sukrieh and others.
=head1 LICENSE
This module is free software and is published under the same
terms as Perl itself.
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