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Docs for route_cache_size_limit & route_cache_path_limit

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@@ -629,11 +629,21 @@ served pages.
The pages served this way will have C<Content-Type> set to C<text/html>,
so don't use the feature for anything else.
-=head2 route_cache (boolean)
+=head2 Route caching
+=head3 route_cache (boolean)
Enables route caching (for quicker route resolution on larger apps - not caching
of responses). See L<Dancer::Route::Cache> for details.
+=head3 route_cache_size_limit (bytes)
+Maximum size of route cache (e.g. 1024, 2M) - see L<Dancer::Route::Cache>
+=head3 route_cache_path_limit (number)
+Maximum number of routes to cache - see L<Dancer::Route::Cache>

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