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+=head1 NAME
+Dancer::Serializer::JSONP - serializer for handling JSONP data
+=head1 SYNOPSIS
+This class is a subclass of L<Dancer::Serializer::JSON> with support for JSONP.
+In order to use this engine, use the template setting:
+ serializer: JSONP
+This can be done in your config.yml file or directly in your app code with the
+B<set> keyword. This serializer will B<not> be used when the serializer is set
+to B<mutable>.
+All configuration options mentioned in L<Dancer::Serializer::JSON> apply here,
+=head1 METHODS
+=head2 serialize
+Serialize a data structure to a JSON structure with surrounding javascript
+callback method. The name of the callback method is obtained from the request
+parameter I<callback>.
+=head2 deserialize
+See L<Dancer::Serializer::JSON#deserialize>.
+=head2 content_type
+Return 'application/javascript'
+=head1 SEE ALSO
+L<Dancer::Plugin::CORS> is a modern alternative to JSONP, but with limited
+browser support. Today, JSONP can be a serious fallback solution when CORS is
+not supported by a browser.
+=head1 AUTHOR
+David Zurborg, C<< <zurborg at> >>
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