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Tag: v1.3092
Commits on Jan 27, 2012
  1. @xsawyerx

    Merge branch 'release/1.3092'

    xsawyerx authored
  2. @xsawyerx

    reflect changes

    xsawyerx authored
  3. @xsawyerx

    version bump

    xsawyerx authored
  4. @xsawyerx
  5. @xsawyerx
  6. @xsawyerx
  7. @melo @xsawyerx

    Document how view_exists() works and why it exists

    melo authored xsawyerx committed
    Signed-off-by: Pedro Melo <>
  8. @melo @xsawyerx

    Move check for template on disk to a method other views can override

    melo authored xsawyerx committed
    Signed-off-by: Pedro Melo <>
  9. @bigpresh

    CHANGES update for GH #716

    bigpresh authored
    (Also tweaking previous entry for #725 to use GH #725, not "Issue 725) for
  10. @xsawyerx
  11. @bigpresh @xsawyerx

    Update CHANGES to reflect GH-725 fix

    bigpresh authored xsawyerx committed
  12. @bigpresh @xsawyerx

    Add cookies to the response via add_cookie(), not directly.

    bigpresh authored xsawyerx committed
    Don't directly add another Set-Cookie header; just add this cookie to the list
    of cookies which will be sent when the response headers are generated.
    This means that, if you attempt to set the same cookie multiple times with the
    same name, the last value used wins, rather than sending multiple Set-Cookie
    headers for the same cookie, which is wrong.
    This should fix GH-725.
  13. @bigpresh @xsawyerx

    Accumulate cookies until headers are generated.

    bigpresh authored xsawyerx committed
    New `$response->add_cookie()` takes a name and cookie object, and adds it to the
    list of cookies which will be sent; using the same name clobbers any previous
    value for that cookie name.
    When headers_to_array fires, it calls build_cookie_headers which assembles the
    correct Set-Cookie headers (TODO: we can probably collapse multiple cookies into
    a single Set-Cookie header, I think.)
  14. @xsawyerx
  15. @bigpresh @xsawyerx

    Test update to match new _template_name behaviour

    bigpresh authored xsawyerx committed
    Expect Dancer::Template::Abstract->_template_name() to return multiple view
  16. @bigpresh @xsawyerx

    Silly bug: actually use layouts dir, not empty var.

    bigpresh authored xsawyerx committed
  17. @bigpresh @xsawyerx

    Use supplied layout name in not found error

    bigpresh authored xsawyerx committed
  18. @bigpresh @xsawyerx

    Remove left-over `$layout_name` declaration.

    bigpresh authored xsawyerx committed
    (Incomplete refactoring, whoops)
  19. @bigpresh @xsawyerx

    More clearly document view/layout-finding logic.

    bigpresh authored xsawyerx committed
  20. @bigpresh @xsawyerx

    Try layout name as supplied before appending default extension

    bigpresh authored xsawyerx committed
    Similarly to previous change, try the layout name as supplied, first, before
    trying to append the default template extension (if it didn't already end with
  21. @bigpresh @xsawyerx

    _template_name tries view name as supplied before adding default ext.

    bigpresh authored xsawyerx committed
    When looking for a template in the views directory, try the view name as
    supplied before appending the default template extension.
  22. @xsawyerx
  23. @odyniec @xsawyerx

    Add get_prefix to return the current prefix

    odyniec authored xsawyerx committed
  24. @odyniec @xsawyerx

    Make prefix return the currently set prefix

    odyniec authored xsawyerx committed
  25. @xsawyerx
  26. @xsawyerx
  27. @xsawyerx

    wrapping, cleanup

    xsawyerx authored
  28. @ollyg @xsawyerx

    added note on link creation when mounting app.

    ollyg authored xsawyerx committed
  29. @ollyg @xsawyerx

    Added Hosting on DotCloud section.

    ollyg authored xsawyerx committed
  30. @xsawyerx
  31. @xsawyerx
  32. @xsawyerx

    don't restrict options passed to JSON serializer

    Lee Johnson authored xsawyerx committed
    allow pass through of options straight from engines config for JSON
    so we can set canonical/relaxed/etc (see JSON docs), which are useful
    for developing/debugging purposes. yes it could be possible to pass
    options that break the serialization, in which case; caveat developer
  33. @xsawyerx
  34. @xsawyerx

    add @dams' solution

    xsawyerx authored
  35. @xsawyerx

    bump tests count

    xsawyerx authored
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