Deployment under CGI on Apache2 doesn't work #523

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Given the script foo.cgi:

#!/usr/bin/env perl

use strict;
use warnings;

use Dancer;
use Data::Dumper 'Dumper';

set serializer => 'JSON';

post '/foo' => sub {


And this Apache 2 configuration in sites.enabled:

ScriptAlias /foo /path/to/foo.cgi

Opening results in this log entry in apache's error.log:

>> Dancer 1.3040 server 22693 listening on

I assumed Dancer would have detected it's running under CGI, based on the POD saying that CGI deployment "just works".

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I'm pretty sure that you need to point ScriptAlias at a dispatch.cgi script like the one generated for you when you scaffold an app, which uses Plack::Runner to run the app as a CGI. Otherwise, your Dancer script will be executed and start a standalone server, as you're seeing.

I'll rework the Dancer::Deployment documentation on CGI usage soon to more clearly reflect that - thanks for pointing out that it's not all that clear!


Okay, thanks! I'll leave this open in case you want to track the doc issue here. Feel free to close.

@bigpresh bigpresh was assigned May 31, 2011

@bigpresh : can we close it ? or do you need to amend the documentation ?

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Could do with updating the docs a bit; they've been improved, and mention using a dispatch.cgi, but I think they need to be more clear that it should be the script generated by the scaffolder, not the app itself.

They should also mention using ScriptAlias, I think.

I'll try to get a moment to deal with this soon.

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@bigpresh update?

Can we help?


I'm sorry about the noobish-ness I'm a LAMP newbie.

This is only thing I have found with info on deploying to Apache with mod_perl.

Could someone list the steps or point to what needs to be done? I assumed that putting my dancer app in a virtual host folder setup to run with mod_perl would have just worked?

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